Mandatory MC Account Migration

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  1. Mojang is requiring everyone to move from a Minecraft or Mojang account over to a Microsoft account, and those who don't will be unable to play after the deadline (2021). The announcement can be found here.

    An FAQ can also be found here.

    What does everyone think on this? It's certainly interesting to see how some people have been reacting... :p

    Though, the best news: 2FA for everyone! That'll help mitigate a lot of issues myself and others have had in relation to account loss, account security, etc. I'm glad they've finally done so, but via Microsoft is... yeouch. I guess it was inevitable, considering Microsoft now owns Mojang. Oh well.

    What are y'all's thoughts on the move? I personally am neutral, as there are both pros and cons (my main con being that it's via Microsoft)... though I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this. :)
  2. I have to say one slightly stupid thing is that you need to obtain the link to sign up via the Minecraft Launcher... which a lot of people don't use (using MultiMC, for example). I hope they additionally allow people to get the migration link via or the Mojang website.
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  3. Idk what it means or how to do it but I heard there is a freeeee capeeeee hypeeeee lol 😂
  4. No!
    I was silently dreading the day this would come, hoping it would be evitable!

    I'm going to bed now, though, and the article is longer than I was expecting, even including a video, so I'll get back to this tomorrow.

    However, I hope this isn't a lie.
    Edit: Hey, it seems like everyone needs to do this, not only people with an unmigrated account. That's... interesting. :confused: I guess it makes sense, though, as the details will be handed over to Microsoft, and that should not be able to happen without consent.
    Edit 2: The FAQ does not mention it, at least.
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  5. From the FAQ: "3) Set up your Xbox profile". No. Ew. Forcing that should be illegal. I don't have an Xbox, and don't want anything to do with it, so don't force me to setup an Xbox profile.

    Also, having to do this via the regular launcher is dumb. I don't use it, so I'll never get the link??
  6. Seems kind of inconvenient for people with multiple accounts, but hopefully this means MC Dungeons and any future games they may add can now just share a launcher with Minecraft.
  7. I'm highly confused by all of this, but if there is indeed a free cape then I'm all in. I wanna be a superhero. :p
  8. A free cape is just an easy manipulation method. Works quite effectively, as has been proven multiple times already in this thread. :p
  9. So many accounts so little will to migrate... 2021 might be the year of the great disappearance.
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  10. Okay, so we have to migrate our accounts ( over to a Microsoft account?

    I don't really understand this.. so since I have a total of like 4 or 5 accounts that I use for different realms and friends servers and such, some being original accounts and others that I had to migrate in the past to Mojang's website. So you're telling me that I have to take all these accounts one by one and migrate them to a new Microsoft account? (I also have a Windows 10 version of Minecraft on my Windows live account(the only one I have) and the account is the only one on my pc, its how I login and ect...

    So basically man. Am i going to have to make 4 or 5 more Live email accounts and then take my original Minecraft accounts and my new ones and migrate them over to the new emails? if so that is just p l a i n out d u m b .

    Pls let me know if I am thinking of this correctly, or not.


    EDITED: to make it better for you guys to read. was really small on accident lol
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  11. But if everyone gets a cape they won't be special any more
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  12. lol... this is the reason I left mixer because I couldn't get my mixer account to link to my Microsoft account properly... I hate Microsoft and Apple so this is gonna be "interesting" to say the least >.<
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  13. Also... RIP Just saw your 2nd post ._. I use MutliMC :oops:
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  14. Ew no.

    I have no choice though since I don't want to lose access my accounts since I paid for them.
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  15. I wonder if this means the Market will be open to Java players.
  16. this is actually dumb as hell.

    i like how they made no mention of people with multiple accounts... If we have 20 or so accounts are they really going to make us create 20 Microsoft Accounts? How about somehow letting us have multiple accounts on one Microsoft Account.

    edit: this is bs

    Q: Can I link my multiple Java accounts to one Microsoft Account, or will I need to create a distinct MSA for each of my Java accounts?

    A: Players will need to migrate each Mojang account into a separate Microsoft account, the same way players use a distinct email address for each Mojang account today. We have built account switching functionality in our new PC launcher help alleviate some of the complexity of managing multiple accounts and play sessions.

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  17. Do I get to keep my Mojang account username?
    A: In some cases, you will need to change your username when you migrate to a Microsoft account. This will vary per account, such as if if someone already happens to have the username or if it does not meet security protocols. You will, however get to keep your Minecraft Java user name in-game.
  18. I agree, this is dumb as hell.
    We’re forced into it leading up to this deadline, if we want to continue playing. That’s so wrong. The supporting factor should have their own choice. After all, years back we had the “option” to migrate Minecraft accounts to Mojang accounts if you remember. It wasn’t forced. It was recommended simply for the same reasons, but it was purely optional.

    Increased account security is great, and I wish we didn’t need it, but look who it’s coming from... the source is a bit questionable if you ask me. I haven’t really cared much for Microsoft in these past couple years, but I guess they’re gaining more support than they’re losing.
  19. This is ignorant. Google users use periods. Hopefully that works for Microsoft accounts too...

    I just watched the video. It is completely useless.
    I asked Dinnerbone on Twitter, I'll let you know if he responds.

    I'm also sad for the cape thing. I probably have them turned off anyway, as I don't recall seeing capes, but it will probably feel bad for the people who've got one.
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  20. This is definitely an interesting path. My understanding is that the actual way you login into minecraft isnt changing one bit, its just your login info is stored under a Microsoft account instead of a mojang account, the actual user experience wont change.

    The 2FA is a big deal, and I am excited for that.

    Cant really say anything about Microsoft having my info.... because they already did, just in the form of a mojang account. If you were actually worried about Microsoft having your info you would have dipped when Microsoft bought minecraft.

    Same thing with handling security... To be fair how many people do you know who have had mc accounts lost or hacked.. not like it could really get any worse.

    multiple account migration is going to be annoying, but like it does make sense to move this to MS accounts from an info handling perspective, and a security one.

    there is always the classic "ooga booga Microsoft Big Microsoft Bad" which is actually pretty valid.

    I dont entirely see major downsides to this, unless you have more than 5 accounts in which case... you did this to yourself. you knew you were going to have to manage however many accounts you signed up for.

    generally, its probably going to be a net positive for MC once people get over the account conversion thing.
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