Let's elect a President of EMC

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, May 15, 2015.

  1. I elect me.
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  2. I nominate... nfell2009!
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  3. samsimx for prez 2015
    "Your voice will be heard through epic memes"
  4. I nominate Samsimx :p
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  5. This actually sounds pretty cool. =P
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  6. Nominated
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  7. As the God of Stone Slabs, I feel I am most deserving. I nominate myself.

    Other than that, I will not be answering to anybody who calls themself a "Higher Power."
  8. kitten3101, who else?
  9. I vote for moderngamer88.
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  10. I nominate TechNinja! This should be fun...
    And very, very interesting...
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  11. Err... I suppose I nominate myself then. =P Yeah! Caden for president!
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  12. oh, then sure I'll run
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  13. I mean, normally I hate to nominate myself, but ya know...
    I haven't had any pie for a while, so I'd better stock up on the power if I want to feel extra peachy. :p
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  14. Ima run for pressie!
    _ _
    | |
    | President Evesthery|
    |__________________ | EDIT: Gosh darn it EMC! I can't do art without pix?
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  15. I can't let nfell win, so I'll nominate myself :p
  16. Mahself.

    Virtual beacons for everyone!
  17. My party is so advanced we use the new avatar! Why not let's run.
  18. Even though we already have an owner, and krysyy basically runs the server with an iron fist. I'll vote for luckygreenbird.