Let's elect a President of EMC

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, May 15, 2015.

    Here's how to vote.

    You can vote for as many or as few candidates as you like!
    To vote, list who you want to vote for in order of preference.
    And yes, you can vote for yourself.

    For example, if I liked John the most, followed by James, then Jim, I would vote as follows:

    1. John
    2. James
    3. Jim

    Voting will end on Saturday 6th June, 12AM GMT

    If you want to vote, but you're still unsure how to, pm me!

    The list is as follows:

    1. JackBiggin
    2. Nfell2009
    3. Samsimx
    4. Skydragonv8
    5. TechNinja_42
    6. Luckygreenbird
    7. Marshmallow369
    8. Hashhog3000
    9. Evesthery
    10. Mba2012
    11. Qwerty189
    12. canuckshockey
    13. PenguinDJ
    14. cadenman2002
    15. AwesomeBuilder33
    16. SoulPunisher
    17. MissMadison910
    18. Gawadrolt
    19. Shanekas
    20. Mrlegitislegit
    21. FWRonald
    22. golddigger221
    23. kitten3101
    24. SmooCow (GloriousKoch aka IcecreamCow and ISMOOCH)
    25. AmusedStew
    26. OrangeDuck607
    27. Olaf_C
    28. Death_Shark
    29. NathanRP
    30. Roblikescake & Alyattayla
    31. Bitemenow15
    32. TigerstarMC
    33. BreezyMan
    34. Tuqueque
    35. clan24
    36. TheWiseBiscuit

    Okay, a while back, a thread was created purporting we should elect a 'president' of EMC. However, Copherfield was winning it. That's bad. So I'm starting a new election.

    The position is, of course, just for fun. Maybe an EMC President could help chair a server-wide development corporation or something? Idk. Send me your self-nominations by Friday 22nd May either by PM or posting on the thread and you will be entered into the vote.

    Feel free to discuss it below!
  2. I elect me.
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  3. I nominate... nfell2009!
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  4. samsimx for prez 2015
    "Your voice will be heard through epic memes"
  5. I nominate Samsimx :p
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  6. This actually sounds pretty cool. =P
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  7. Dank memes?
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  8. Nominated
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  9. As the God of Stone Slabs, I feel I am most deserving. I nominate myself.

    Other than that, I will not be answering to anybody who calls themself a "Higher Power."
  10. kitten3101, who else?
  11. I vote for moderngamer88.
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  12. Just to remind you all, we're at the nomination stage! You cannot nominate other people, only yourselves, and you cannot yet actually vote.
  13. I nominate TechNinja! This should be fun...
    And very, very interesting...
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  14. Err... I suppose I nominate myself then. =P Yeah! Caden for president!
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  15. oh, then sure I'll run
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  16. Do you want to? :)
  17. I mean, normally I hate to nominate myself, but ya know...
    I haven't had any pie for a while, so I'd better stock up on the power if I want to feel extra peachy. :p
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  18. I'll take that as a nomination!
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  19. Ima run for pressie!
    _ _
    | |
    | President Evesthery|
    |__________________ | EDIT: Gosh darn it EMC! I can't do art without pix?
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