let's discuss fortnite

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do you like fortnite?

yes 9 vote(s) 30.0%
no 13 vote(s) 43.3%
it's okay 8 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. it had to happen. you knew somebody would post about fortnite eventually. im actually surprised that nobody posted about it yet.

    just in case you haven't heard about the game, here's the trailer.

    in a nutshell, 100 people drop from the sky, collect weapons, and try to be the last one standing. fortnite is one of the most (if not the most) popular video games right now.

    so... fortnite, what are your opinions about it? what do you like/dislike about it.

    in this thread, you can discuss the game itself, updates, etc.
  2. I like it but I'm godawful at it. I log in and descend upon the island to survive. I collect a few weapons and soon after I get got and repeat the cycle.
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  3. I bought the $120 version before BR was a thing. And loved it, and now HATE the game because BR gets all the resources...
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  4. I play on occasion :) I'm OK, but end game I'm just not great at building walls then jumping on someones head and shooting them with a shotty
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  5. Played it once on my PC, ran horribly at very low graphics and fps, eventually got 1 kill during my whole 3 miserable games though, but hey what can you do? I still watch and enjoy a lot of fornite content on youtube, mainly from GameSprout and FaZe.

    What is so great about the game is the simplicity and cartoonish feel it has. You have the ability to customize your own characters with unique skins, and to use cool dance moves on them! Not only that, but the game has a very competetive aspect to it, which I can see everyone loves, a long with the easy to look at, simplistic feel it has. It isn't as overcrowded as pubg and other Battle Royale games, the inventory system is easy, the building is easy, and the mechanics are easy. Genius game over all, pretty well deserved of its fame.
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  6. Iv spent a lot of money and time on this game.
  7. Downloaded it, promptly uninstalled afterward.

    That was my experience with Fortnite, the joke was "I had fortnite"
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  8. Son plays it. Paid $20 for a skin of a woman dressed as a pink rabbit. :eek: I said doesn't that make you easier to find. He said probably but it's cool. I've played but I'm not that good. I do like to watch my son play though.
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  9. PubG is better though...

    (jk, I've played neither)
  10. This thread reminds me I should try playing it again.
  11. I like it because its a good casual game, after a really short adjustment period you know how to play.
    similar games like day z, pubg, h1z1, and pretty much any gun game tend to throw you into the sand box and be like good luck, but ive found fortnight is much better for the casual gamer. and this is why alot of pro gamers hate it and have advertised that its dying when it isnt.

    if you play pubg on a stock pc with just cheap headphones you are never ever going to beat someone with a 10k computer and the best sound you can buy. the game makes it where that player is going to kill you every time unless you get an advantage of lag.

    in fortnight they have whats called bloom, meaning every shot has a chance not to hit, this isnt unlike real life in my opinion because even the most trained shooter might make simple trigger pull mistakes when he has you dead to rights. so those power gamers are reduced to double pumping to get those easy casual kills, which means they have to get close, which means more time to kill them from lucky range.

    there is also the element of getting into a match really quickly that i like, other games you could wait 20 minutes to find a match but fortnight ive never waited less than 2 minutes. which is nice because i can squeeze in some games on a tight schedule, and theres no real "leaderboards" so if i lose every single one i dont really care.
  12. I played fortnite when it was in the closed beta. It was not a battle royale game at that time, but a zombie apocalypse tower defense with some very advanced and new systems for advancing in the game. I really enjoyed that, even though they were obviously still developing it quite a lot, it was already a cool and new game. Recource gathering while doing some missions, then use that to build your base, and then defend it with some friends.

    Now I haven't played the battle royale, so I would not know what I'd think of it, but the beta fortnite was quite cool. I don't really understand why they wanted to make a game with a concept that was already around while they had such an original game (or at least, I hadn't seen games like these before), but it seems to have worked out for them.
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  13. I avoided it for a while until the Thanos game mode got added. Playing that was the most fun I've had in a game in so long and it even got me playing other things again.

    I like to just pick up and play it - matchmaking takes, like, thirty seconds tops. I enjoy being able to play with my seven year old brother who's on a PlayStation 4 downstairs while I'm upstairs on my computer. I don't think I've ever played solo because I prefer team-based multiplayer, so I'm always in the 50 v 50 modes, which kinda sucks sometimes because at least half of your team at any time are... well, disastrous at actually being a team. I haven't bought anything from it so I haven't played the Save The World mode yet, so maybe it's different there and I just don't know it yet.

    Still good fun tho. It's a good team of developers working on it who listen to community feedback, it's fun, and I don't have a problem with such a good game being the most popular in the world.
  14. Fortnite seems to be slipping, people have milked it so much lol
  15. i dont think so, the number of new signups has slowed, but the recurrent gamer numbers they have presented seem to be close to the same. any game is going to have a huge surge when it first comes out, the problem is keeping your audience engaged, and i think fortnight isnt close to stopping that
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  16. It may just be me, but I think Fortnite is on it's way out now. It was a trend that came and went, similar to a lot of other games/things.

    Never played it, heard of it, and now I'm starting to hear that it's "on it's way out". I like how it reminded me of the early days of TF2. Back when the shading was actually a cartoon-like style, that is, before Valve updated the engine and ruined the shading for the game forever...
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  17. I predicted fortnites death during summer
  18. I play it, but so far have no solo wins lol

    If you play on xbone, add sgx2000
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  19. You can say I play quite often with my 90 solo wins, add me on xboxone: Whatsthefoxsay1
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