Jingle Bells and Holiday Sales!

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  1. Very cool... what's the difference between sending a diamond Santa-gram and sending a gold/two irons?

    EDIT: Also, am I supposed to be saying "first" or something? Isn't that what all the hip young people do these days? Okay, um, first, then. :p
  2. The gold/iron don't get a special Holiday message from EmpireMinecraft. =)
  3. I think you'll have to buy one to find out, a very special message will be delivered alongside it. ;)
  4. Gold/Iron is just something we're giving you for being a Diamond Supporter, but to give someone else Diamond you have to pay 10$ for that.
  5. Also, I win in the race to respond =P
    *rubs it in RainbowChin's face*
  6. This seems very interesting! I wonder if I'll get anything. :rolleyes:
  7. Does the Diamond supporter offer apply to getting a diamond supporter voucher, like if I buy diamond supporter voucher could I give the gold membership to a friend?
  8. Just saw this on the edit...
    Mine had a wink face ;)
    Your turn krysyy :p
    I could be wrong but I think options 1&2 apply to those who start a subscription to diamond supporter, not the vouchers, but krysyy can confirm.
  9. jingle bells
    holiday sales
    EMC is great

    bukkits down
    but a work around
    is surely on its way!
  10. So, if I were to buy $50 worth of rupees, I would also get a gold supporter voucher that I could use when my current month is up?
  11. Very nice addition for this Christmas season. :)
  12. This sounds awesome. Thanks, krysyy + staff! =) Jingle bells, indeed! :D
  13. Aw, this is so sweet, guys! Thanks for this cheery holiday promotion. :)
  14. Exactly.
  15. Wait I surely must've missed something but what happened with the whole Minecraft EULA thing?
  16. Microsoft bought Mojang and has not given notice of their intentions regarding it.
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  17. Until we know what exactly is going to happen with Minecraft Server monetization and Microsoft, we're just going to leave things be until more is known.
  18. so santa-grams comes as vouchers ? trade-able sell-able vouchers ?
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  19. Lol, You guys realize you are making it possible for Diamonds to give an extra res to anyone, This does sound epic though. Also will the Iron and Gold Santa grams come as vouchers, I would love to give the supportership to somebody but i'm not sure about a voucher as I would prefer it to not be traded for rupees.
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