Introducing the EMC Games Server!

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  1. Now Open!

    The Empire Minecraft Build team, in addition to the Empire Minecraft Staff team, would like to officially introduce you to the EMC Games Server!
    Type /games to connect!

    The Build Team has worked extremely hard on the magnificent builds on this server, and the functionality of the games on it. The Staff have done their best testing, breaking, and re-testing. The time has come that we open the server to the public!

    Please note that while there was extensive testing performed, increased load on the servers/games due to a flood of players is very likely going to cause some issues. Therefore, if a problem arises, we ask that you please calmly report the issue so that we may address it. If you notice anything that is particularly unusual, such as the ability to access inventory in an area where is says you cannot, please stop and contact a staff member immediately.

    Detailed information regarding each game may be found on the wiki, or with:

    Minimum amount of players required (quick reference):
    Solo Play
    2 players required
    4 players required
    5 players required
    10 players required
    Staff Hosted Only

    List of Games by Area:
    • Funland
      • B4DMAN5IMON Says
      • Chickeneer Invader
      • Golf
      • Minebomber
      • RainbowChin Runner
      • Drop Party Room
      • Spleef
      • ArrowSpleef
      • Netherspleef
      • Creature Capture
      • Staff Hosted Event Res (changes often)
    • Hide and Seek
      • Mooshroom Valley
      • The HMS Silverfish
    • Parkour
      • Frost Jump
      • Diamond Run
      • MirrorBlock
    • Mob Arena
    • Fire Floor
    • PvP
      • SMP (/v pvp on smp6)
        • Fair
        • Normal Inventories
        • Staff vs the World
      • Free For All
        • Lost Keep
        • Isolation
        • Last Resort
      • Control Point
        • Castle Assault
        • King of the Hill: Titan Clash
      • Capture the Flag (Coming Soon)
      • Team Death Match (Coming Soon)
    • Olympic Park (Coming 2017)
      • EMC Games Arenas (Coming 2017)
    • Dungeon Crawl (Coming Soon)
    Have a great time on the new server everyone!
  2. WOOHOO!!!! It's amazing! :D Everyone did a great job working on it. Thank you to everyone who worked hard on the games server!
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  3. GAMES!!
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  4. First in: bitemenow15
  5. Aye!

    So glad this has come out! I'm logging on right now to check it out.

    Thanks so much to the dev team, Aikar, Krysyy, and everyone else involved in the production of the games server.
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  6. FINALLY!!

    Are there separate pvp arenas in the games server for those other gamemodes?
  7. Oh my!! Games, Games, Games ... Thanks to all involved it building/coding/testing and everything else that went into this.
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  8. And so it begins...
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  10. needs more birds
  11. Scar is best Disney Princess.
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  12. About time :p I mean awesome been waiting on this for a while :p
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  13. *inhales*
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  15. All aboard, the hype train is underway!
  16. Awesome! I cant wait to check it out. :)
  17. I remember when this got 'leaked' to me waaaay back in the summer of 2014. Glad to see it finally surface :p

    And hey, this is the first EMC server launch since smp9 in April 2012. Dope.
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  18. I'll take a look tomorrow morning. Looks good, hope the same applies the the functionality