If EMC were a school, and the players were classmates, what would they be like?

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  1. Here's a few of my ideas, feel free to add any observations you may have :)

    JustinGuy is the principal, who was heavily involved in getting the school started up and connecting all the classrooms together with cool computers and stuff, then took a very long hiatus, only visiting to check on progress occasionally, while making sure the school was able to keep running.

    IcecreamCow, Maxarias, and Aikar are vice principals. IcecreamCow has always had a thing for pyrotechnics, putting on fireworks displays and events on 4th July and New Years Day, and taking a close interest in science experiments which involve blowing stuff up.

    Maxarias manages the school's curricular provision, making sure nobody cheats on the tests.
    Aikar is the school's head engineer, he stepped in and filled Justin's position to make sure all the IT and stuff is functioning.

    Now the students, former and present.
    When 72Volt came to the school, he wasn't really that popular, always engaging in a scheme or two. Then he threatened to buy up all the land around the school and get his building contractor uncle to build walls around it. IcecreamCow expelled him, but his mom threatened to sue the school. All the students hated him because they had to sit through a 3 hour long talk about why it isn't wise to screw with the school legally, but he bounced back using his sassy attitude inspired by ISMOOCH, who always kept a close eye on him, and became a really popular kid using jokes about the walls. He set up the second most popular club in the school, with a really complex government system, before getting voted out by the military cadets who took an interest in the club.

    AlexChance was the richest kid in school. He made a ton of money by opening up the biggest tuckshop near Classroom 2, and believe me, it was huge. When kids were competing to buy sweets and drinks off each other, he would always blow everyone else out of the water with the highest offer. He got straight A grades, and he became a teacher after finishing school, after being nagged at by IcecreamCow for practically his entire academic career.

    One kid called Copherfield set up a really cool club among his peers, it was really popular and admired. However, the power and status went to his head, and he started begging IcecreamCow to make his 'Delta Club' an official school extracurricular activity. Eventually, Copher asked to be expelled, then came back in disguise and started harassing everyone. IcecreamCow later took out a restraining order against him, stopping him from coming within 50 feet of the school.

    PandasEatRamen is one of the smartest students. She got top of her grade in almost all subjects. She has few enemies in school, she's very popular, but she's not like the popular people you see in movies, she's not as stuck-up, which is nice.

    RainbowChin, SoulPunisher, Mrlegitislegit, and _Stads_ are all best buddies. They're always in sight, and have something witty to say, all the time. Any time something happens? At least one of them is there to make a remark.

    Equinox_Boss is a younger kid who always keenly listens to everything. If he likes what someone has to say, he lets them know. And he likes pretty much everything. Some say he was forced to watch Grey's Anatomy, the most boring show known to man, every day, 5 hours a day until he was 9, so now he finds everything entertaining in comparison.

    xI_LIKE_A_PIGx and HylianNinja are kids who were meant to be leaving, but always hang around in the parking lot.

    What can the rest of you come up with? :D
  2. Am I the only one waiting for a DeviantArt fanfiction inspired by this?
  3. In addition to what you said about Aikar...

    he does everything in his power to mess up the rule about selling things at school
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  4. The moderators are the teachers. They're really nice, although some were found to have giant hammers in their desks. They gave detention only as of last October.
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  5. I'm that weird kid in the dark, back corner of the classroom, who makes a weird pretty face whenever someone looks at him.
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  6. You win. This was genius.
    Maybe Jackbiggin being jack and breaking everything and making jc do everything ever >.>
    -That totes wasnt a stab at jackle...-
  7. One correction: ICC is DEFINITELY obsessed with pyrotechnics, but I designed the New Years fireworks, and also had the biggest show set up for the 4th. Just sayin. Maybe I'm that kid who makes fireworks in chem class while he should be learning to dilute acids?
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  8. The Snr. Staff are the evil janitors that stare you down whenever you are in gym and get a kickball in the hallway. True story. j/k
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  9. Oh oh I know!
    TheMinner333 and L0tad are the best PARTYZY DJS IN THE HOUSE!
  10. Parking lot buddies! :D

    Eclipsys could be the kid who is payed to build lego creations for the other students..
  11. I'm that kid who, for what ever reason, has a small "following" of friends (Cult member's) and is obsessed about virtual hats.
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  12. jc and amused are those kids sitting in the back who look like they are staring at the clock but really are playing out some kind of fanfiction in their heads
  13. Drrrooppppp The Bass
  14. Better?
  15. Nether and amazing designer inspired by the history lessons given by Kephras who literally wrote the school's book on Ancient Empiric History. His constructions amazes classmates of Classroom 9 and happens to lean more towards the diplomatic situations at times of great stress.
  16. I wonder what someone is going to say about me. ;3
  17. brick is a brick, he has been in the school since it was built and last year had some grafitti on him
  18. and what would i be? hmm...
  19. What would I be? The class clown?
  20. Hey that's mean!
    Fine I'll come up for one myself...
    Brickstrike is one of those kids that likes a lot of different people and is not really in any particular group. He acts sometimes mysterious and some people always makes fun of his name. His favorite food is muffins, but, really it is just a cover up. He keeps saying something is going to happen, but, what nonsense is he blabbing about? There's nothing coming! Hahahahha-- Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! -- What is ---!? *fades to dramatic black*

    Here is one for bitemenow
    Bitemenow15 was bitten 15 times by the same person. That being brickstrike and 14 of his alts.
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