Hold that update! EMC is still 1.12.2

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  1. Getting an outdated server notice when you try to connect to EMC? We can help!

    With the release of any update from Mojang, it's important that you change your launcher options in order to access Empire Minecraft. Don't worry though because this process is super easy and we've created a wiki page to help you out!

    Our amazing developers are already working on updating us to 1.13 as soon as we can, though we are going to wait for a few of those nasty bugs to work their way out of the update first (we like stability).

    Follow the below guide to change your version and continue to play EMC in the meantime. Still having trouble? Contact an Empire Minecraft Staff member and they'll be glad to help you out!

    Upgrading to a Current MC Version
    Empire Minecraft is currently on version 1.15.2, and the current version of Minecraft is 1.16.

    1.16 clients may work on EMC, but we advise that you use 1.15.2 for the best experience and support.

    You were redirected to this page because you have tried to connect to an Empire Minecraft server using a Minecraft version update that is newer than what EMC supports.

    It is also possible that you may be connecting to the server using a version older than what EMC supports, in which case you need to use a newer Minecraft version.

    How to start using Minecraft 1.15.2

    You need to edit your profile in the Minecraft launcher and change the currently selected version if your game is outdated. It is advised that you change this setting so that it uses the latest stable release that is also currently compatible with EMC (which is currently Minecraft version 1.15.2).

    If pictures don't work for you, here is a video on how to change your version of Minecraft using the new Minecraft launcher. The video says to use 1.11.2, but EMC now works with 1.15.2, so that must be used instead when selecting your version in the launcher.

    New Launcher
    1) Open the Minecraft launcher. Yours will probably look like this.

    2) Click the Installations button near the top of the launcher.

    3) Click the "+ New" button, or click the profile you use from the list. You will then see the settings for that profile.

    4) Regardless of which you did in the previous step, where it says "version" in the launcher, bring down the drop-down box. Click where it says release 1.15.2 so that the launcher uses the version Empire Minecraft is currently using.

    5) Press the green save button at the bottom. Go back to the Play tab (to the left of the Installations button).

    6) You may select your profile from the drop-down menu next to the Play button. You'll notice that "Example Profile" uses 1.15.2, which is most compatible with EMC. Hit Play and then you'll be able to connect to EMC.

  2. Any idea on when we’ll get 1.13?
  3. Once Mojang officially releases it (set for today last we checked), that's when the devs really kick it into gear. Aikar has already started on some backend changes for Paper, though he could tell you the more technical details. If you've watched any of his streams lately, that's what he's been working on. Getting that updated is the first step.

    The developers will go through a slew of information and assess how any changes in the update may affect our current code, then they'll update that code. We'll test out the bugs first on a developer server, then fix bugs, then test more, fix more, etc. That cycle will repeat until we think the major bugs are caught. We then move the update onto stage first and do more testing and more bug fixing. After we've ascertained that MOST of the bugs are caught (never going to catch 100%), we push to the main servers and that's when we've 'updated'.

    Once again, the above info is given in VERY non-technical terminology. If you re interested in the more technical side, I advise that you tune in to the next Coding with Aikar stream. It's pretty awesome what our devs can do!
  4. Wait, 1.13 was released? AWESOME!!!
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  5. I'm exited for 1.13
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  6. When we update, the wastelands are going to reset right?
  7. Yes
  8. That awful period of no mods :D How will we survive! :p
  9. oh my gosh you’re right

    my computer is going to be so slow and my texture packs might not work and i won’t be able to build firefloors and UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH
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  10. FYI Forge said they won't likely have a 1.13 build out until 1.14 is near done.... (They are doing MASSIVE rewrites)

    So, mods are going to be a pain for 1.13 :3

    I don't know about LiteLoader.
  11. I figured would be a long time lol
  12. Guess what doesn't use forge? Optifine. ;)
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  13. This is why we love krysyy, so helpful :D
  14. If liteloader is slow to update too then the macro debate will become mooYes I know it’s moot but can’t help but get the cows opinion.
  15. Melon slice prices will skyrocket!!
  16. unfortunately, pretty sure server will take longer to update...
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  17. Irony you say that on the update that we've had the best jump on....
    Who said we're going to take super long? Most of any delay we have will be intentionally waiting for some bugs to squash and maybe other plugins.
  18. Didnt say super long =P
    I just assumed it would be regular Aikar time after you said: this 1.13 update scares me... so much code has been touched

    But I did not account for the extra huge dev team EMC has now! So WOOOO
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  19. I stumbled across a rumor back from Minecon 2016 about 1.13. Supposedly, Mojang secretively told server owners who attended the Minecon in Anaheim, California about the technical changes they had planned for 1.13.

    Would you mind debunking this rumor for us? How long ago did you and the team actually start working on developing EMC or Paper for Minecraft 1.13?
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  20. What technical changes did they mention were secretively shared? I was in Anaheim and they were displaying info about llamas, and rather excited about it. They didn't really delve into anything with 1.13. If they were sharing info secretively with server owners, we weren't one of them.
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