Hold that update! EMC is still 1.12.2

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Oh no! We're going to lose our White Easter Bunny eggs! :eek:
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  2. So are we thinking months for 1.13? Maybe having it by Christmas?

    I get that there's no certain time frame, just curious for a ballpark estimate.
  3. We started Friday on API, then saturday after spigot released a prerelease.

    While I am in private chat channels with the devs, its not like anything said helps us with the updates.

    More like, pre warning on how much things are going to suck.
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  4. Weeks

    We will likely be testing in dev within a week.

    But there's going to be a lot of work to work out and find bugs, and restore some lost code (Spigot deleted some critical code we have to add back)
  5. In the near future for staff on the dev server....

    Breaking all the things......
  6. Ahh, RainbowChin in all his glory.
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  7. sadly. yes we are :(
  8. though let me note, when i said weeks, i dont mean itll be in 1-3 weeks. It'll likely be a month at least still with how unstable everything is...

    but putting the unit in months makes it look like 3-5 is realistic, but if it takes us that long, we should just give up on this update (all server owners) lol
  9. Gets the DuctTape - That'll fix it, right? xD
  10. A ducttaped potato? :O
  11. Well, 1.13 updated to a new version of LWJGL so it make take a little longer too, but who knows? Only time will tell.
  12. someone got a 200 FPS increase on 1.13 w/o optifine vs 1.12... so 1.13 reduces the need for optifine greatly.
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  13. So if some1 gets optfine with 1.13, does that increase it past 200? or less since its more to account for in the client?
  14. Hmm, strange cause I'm getting better and more stable FPS with 1.12.2 than with 1.13 at the moment. Might be a Linux vs Windows 10 thing though. (Tested with both vanilla clients, both new single player worlds. Flew around for a few minutes in each.)
  15. That was me! :D
    Windows 10
    No mods
    Quite a few programs running(discord,irc,couple chrome tabs, 3 word docs- was working on some assignments during testing)
    Asus ROG Laptop(GTX 1080, i7-7700hq, 16gb ram with 8gb allocated to Minecraft)

    Testing was done on same freshly generated map
    1.12.2 I was getting around 350fps
    1.13 I was getting around 540 FPS
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  17. Yo EMC it would be a Great help to new and seasoned EMC players if you put the current version that the website uses on the server selection logo. And then maybe a link to where to find help on making EMC server adjustments to the game.
    The new minecraft update is amazing but I have reservations about some of their choices for the mechanics. We will just have to see if it causes problems with current structures and machinery.
  18. It does say at the very top of the page what version we are on. Just beside the Empire Minecraft logo. :)
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  19. I'm waiting for everyone to log in to 1.13 for the first time and test their redstone to find they have to do repairs.
  20. that must be a ridiculously good computer then, cause the most FPS I ever get on my 16GB RAM gaming computer is like 160 on league of legends, and it's not a very demanding game graphically