Hold that update! EMC is still 1.12.2

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Word on the street. Is that 1.14 won't be till after the new year at least. Snapshots before then though.
  2. To any developers and/or coders for EMC, seeing how much of a mess that 1.13 is, would it be too far-fetched to ask if EMC will just upgrade straight to 1.14? (Assuming Mojang did not break anything else...)
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  3. That is very unlikely. I think we will have 1.13 done before 1.14 is out. Probably.
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  4. I wish it was that easy, but we have to wait until it's released before we can even work on changes for the server hosting software. Then when that is fixed, we have to make changes for empire, itself.

    1.14 most likely won't be here until sometime next year - and we still have to incorporate the changes that 1.13 brought, ontop of it, so we still have to wade through the "code-water" anyways xD

    Rest assured, though, that we're getting closer everyday :)
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  5. O_O When I run minecraft I am lucky to get 25 FPS! #mac #25FPSftw
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  6. if i turn everything on low i get like 400-450 but on high its around 250-350 :3
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  7. 125 fps #mac #allhighestsettings
  8. Worth noting. That your fps may be linked to your monitor as well. Minecraft has a Vsync option. My monitor refresh rate actually limits my MC fps at 60 (not that I need a higher fps - MC is a super slow games).
  9. Oh I'm glad the development behind 1.13 is still going strong. I want the 1.13 upgrade to EMC to be the smoothest transition as possible. I am fine with waiting for another year is need be if it means the 1.13 performance issues are being fixed. (Unrealistic but you know what I mean.)

    I've been on other MC servers that ran vanilla 1.13 right after it was released, it was just awful... The performance was horrendous...