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  1. At a recent event, it seemed that my hugs were highly valued.
    As a result, I crafted this very fine Hug Voucher as shown in the images below:

    That's right, the 2016 Hug Event is already undergoing planning! Next year, there are going to be 12 different Hug Vouchers of varying degrees of awesomeness. The thing is, I could use some community spice to plan the best voucher ever!
    Post ideas for the basis of a unique Hug Voucher on this thread! I'll choose my favorite idea at the end of the contest as the winner.
    Besides having your voucher idea become one of my epic Hug Vouchers, you'll be given the following items:
    Vault Voucher
    Full Hug Voucher Collection (12 different Hug Vouchers!)
    This contest will go on for the next month. Ideas should no longer be posted after April 15th, 2015. These vouchers may or may not appear before 2016. ;)
    Sample themes might include things such as an Ancient Voucher, Golden Voucher, or even a Blueberry Pie Voucher. These all will be existing Hug Vouchers, but I won't release any more than that so as to keep the new Hug Vouchers a surprise. :)
  2. *has a shivering memory of somebody else who offered hug vouchers*
  3. Found it. :p I forgot about that. XD I guess the community just really likes to be hugged.
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  4. So, how can I help the luck a bit to get one appearing in my inventory?
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  5. *goes hunting for haastregt*
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  6. Hunt me down too! I need a hug!
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  7. Oh, lets first connect to EMC then :p, ill be right there :D
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  8. Cool! I'll be in-game from about 1-4 on various SMPs. You're most likely to find me on SMP2 waiting for you in a minecart. :p (EDIT: So I can hug you properly, with both arms :))
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  9. Nice concept, now we'll have 10% of members looking for you to get hugs and the other 90% desperately trying to get away... Joking! ;) How long did you spend making the banner you made for this? :p
  10. You think you can find me afk... gl... ;)
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  11. About 5 minutes. :p
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  12. Took me 20 minutes to remember. I have good memory right? Right!? Right...
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  13. Hoi hashhog!

    Well, first of all I'd like to thank you for slipping one of your hug vouchers into my inventory, really appreciate the gesture!

    Second... I wonder how many people know / realize that your avatar is quite fitting. Well, at least in my opinion. You're quite the sly one sometimes :) I think I tp'd away just before you could throw it, but you did get to learn about my surprise when I noticed the book and started to wonder how the heck you managed to get in there ;)

    Now, when I get excited I sometimes start to get writing, often resulting in huge stories. I'll try to control myself a little bit so....

    Thing is; I'm a little bit of a control freak I guess. My residence is quite heavily "flagged up" and there is quite a difference in the level of access which I grant some people. For example; a use flag on my residence means you can open (trap) doors / fences and you can push some restricted buttons. Such as the one in my hallway which leads to my storage area (which is also the main hub of my residence; from there you can reach everything).

    However... I added a 2nd layer of "control" here; just having a use flag is not sufficient to actually use my "storage tp button"; it triggers a named location teleport and that usage is restricted as well ;) There is a 'backdoor' where you can still enter my storage area, but under normal circumstances you'd need both 'use' and 'namedtp' flags to get full access.

    SO... I was busy in my villager area. In a sealed of room (iron door with a button, and use is turned off by default).

    And yet Hashhog still managed to sneak in undetected (I did hear my doorbell, but yah; I hear that one more often anyway), find me and then leave the voucher.

    Sneaky, sneaky! :)

    SO yah, there you have it.

    And thanks again!
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  14. I got to get a million together then!
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  15. 32.. I can sell my diamond, 142... Guys? can someone donate some rupees to me :D?
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  16. This sounds pretty cool, cant wait to get a full year on EMC to see the cool things people do over the holidays!!!
  17. Well, this his how he got me one :p, not that I am complaining though, I like hugs.
    hug voucher.JPG

    So, I was kinda tired at the moment, and when I pressed enter after typing /town, I knew it wa a trap, but yeah, to late haas!
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  18. I've been waiting on this for many years...

    Many years = less than 24 hours or so.

    Good lucky to all, and I hope everyone gets a voucher :)
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  19. I was in my storage unit, building underground and he found me while making pancakes and tea, but I got a free hug! :)
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  20. I feel like this is taking an odd turn, with stories of Hash breaking into people's homes, giving them odd book, and escaping, all without leaving any trace :p