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  1. Hello, EMC! For my 4,000th post, I decided to do something special; I'm going to make an announcement that I've been waiting to make for a long, long time now.

    The Story and Announcement

    Back in mid-November of 2014, a friend and family member of mine made a surprising statement. Despite all he gained on the Empire--a boatload of friends, respect from all of the community--Minecraft had lost his interest, and so he decided to leave EMC. Despite this new boredom with MC, he quickly returned and, though he was much less active, stayed for a few more months. However, eventually he realized that he still wasn't happy playing Minecraft; and so, he changed his mind once more and offered his account, as well as his alternate accounts, to me.

    I was stunned, of course, but I accepted his offer. For months on end I kept his accounts alive, going so far as to accept an invitation to join the Contribution Team that had been in response to an application of his that he had made a couple weeks before leaving. I played with the accounts as much as I have on my original account, engaging in business, forming some residences, and continuing to assist with Contribution Team duties. I made it my goal to keep my new identity a separate player, as though the original owner had never left.

    However, as you can imagine, this is not an easy way to play Minecraft. The upkeeping of two full-time accounts is no easy task, and so I have decided that as my 4,000th post I shall announce the alt-ship of this account.

    That's right, EMC. PenguinDJ is my alt.

    What Does This Mean For EMC?

    First of all, let me squash any disbelief. I have already revealed Penguin's identity to a couple of my EMC friends within the past week, and if you have any doubts of the truth of the situation, I'm sure that cadenman2002 or FDNY21 would be happy to back me up on this.

    Now, this does mean that PenguinDJ will be off the Contribution Team. I have requested that he be removed now that I will no longer be working with that account, so do not be surprised if you notice his title changing.

    Finally, yes, I will be transferring the PenguinDJ account into a typical alt account: fairly inactive other than to collect promos, work on residences, etc. However, because I kept him as such an active player, this transition will be very, VERY slow. For the next week, his activity will likely decline, but to prevent confusion, all current situations or business deals that originated with the PenguinDJ account will continute to be dealt with using that account. Over time, I will use that account less and less until I eventually am using it no more than TheApostrophe. You have been warned.

    I think that's it. Again, this is completely serious, and I apologize for any confusion you may endure over the coming days/weeks. Thank you.


    PenguinDJ is my alt, given to me by an inactive family member a few months ago. If you have business with him, please continue doing things through the PenguinDJ account, as I will be transitioning the account very slowly into inactivity. Thank you.
  2. Your the master of pvp!

    Does this mean penguinDJ3 is your alt too?
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  3. OMG! *MindBlown* This is a huge surprise!
  4. ummmmmm what
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  5. And I thought this was a prank... :confused:
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  6. Well my Life has been a Lie
    Please excuse me as I subsequentley Implode on myself.
  7. It's true.
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  8. Illuminati confirmed.
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  9. *Mind explodes*
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  10. On the plus side, no one can ever question your devotion to EMC.

  11. ... What. I thought it was a prank too... ;-; My mind has been blown.
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  12. Well, Agent, Caden, were on the Same Boat. C'mon get on the Boat
  13. What is an alt?

    Seriously, both of you have been very helpful on the forums, and in game.
    Thank you.

    P.S. seems like a bad idea to accept a staff rank that you did not apply for.
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  14. Come on hash... EMC needs the truth...
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  15. #AlreadyKnew :rolleyes: I can vouch for this :p I'm not sure what to say... Hash, you're sneaky! xD
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  16. Wait..... So this means I had a party with you once?? And sent you a party in a box?? Wow...... That is all I can say.... Mind blown....... you are a very sneaky fox.....
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