Halloween Event 2020: Zahnenn and Candy Exchange

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  1. Happy Halloween from EMC!
    We have 2 separate builds for you to explore and interact with. Both are available from the GAMES server spawn, which you can go to with /games in-game.

    A recreational planet of the future, the staff were looking forward to the release of the new event, but something went wrong and now they need your help! Explore Zahnenn, complete the challenges, and you could earn Zahnenn's Trident for your troubles!

    Trick-or-Treating: Empire Minecraft Style
    There are multiple ways to participate in the Trick-or-Treat festivities this Halloween.

    Explore the Courtyard Cemetery by entering the "Halloween Candy Exchange" entrance on GAMES and throw Haunted Candy at each other in EMC Halloween style. Look for special details throughout the build as you exchange!

    Throughout Courtyard Cemetery area, there will be mobs spawning. Don't worry, they can't hurt you. However, they have all been gorging on Haunted Candy over the entire month of October and will likely drop some, if killed.

    Have a spare Haunted Head or Headless Horseman Helmet lying around from years ago? These old promos dispense the SAME candies as the mobs, so you will be able to use those for the next part if you don't feel like slaughtering the inhabitants of Halloween Town.

    There's an awesome new way to share candy with other players and we've even made a game of it! Each UNIQUE player that you TOSS a Haunted Candy to INSIDE the Halloween Candy Exchange area will earn you one point in our Trick-or-Treat Game, as well as give you one candy back in return. Can't remember if you already gave candy to someone? If you've already tossed candy to that player, they won't be able to pick it up. If someone tosses a candy at you, you CAN toss a candy at them. The toss score limitations are set by the throwing player.
    Warning: You must be online in order to receive credit for your candy toss. You cannot just throw a bunch on each server and leave them there. :p

    There are automatic prizes after you receive a certain number of points in the Trick-or-Treat Game, such as the Haunted Head and others so don't miss out on the candy throwing fun. You can even type /hscore to see where you stand in the rankings!

    Take your time exploring both builds and be sure to congratulate the Build Team on a job well done. This event will be available until AT LEAST November 10th.

    Monsters in the Survival Worlds
    As usual, monsters in the Wastelands and Frontier will occasionally drop Haunted Candy too. Don't eat too much!
  2. happy halloween!

  3. happy halloween!
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  4. <33 nice one BT!
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  5. Mwahahaha! Its back! :cool:
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  6. Sweet! this looks awesome. Can't wait to explore :eek: Happy Halloween everybody!

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  7. Ooooo! :O
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  8. Epic! Thanks Build Team and everyone else ! :eek:
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  9. Everyone: let's explore the new adventure map!
    Me: WOOO let's gather some haunted candy ooooh yeaaah!!!

    In any case HUGE props to the build team - this looks amazing!
  10. big thanks to the build team, the size of this is just incredible!
  11. I'll need to explore it looks awesome!
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  12. gg great event everyone!

    Thanks Chickeneer for helping do that temp fix ;)
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  13. FINALLY! :D A trident promo!

    WHOOOOHHOOO!!! Me a happy stny boy now. :D :) Happy Halloween everybody
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  14. Brings me back to last year's Anaetiem build. GG Build Team, you've outdone yourself again. :D
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  15. Awesome! I can't wait to explore the builds.
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  16. SWEET!!
    Just like the candy I'll be throwing tomorrow ;)
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  17. update: the trident part is a bit difficult, Chin and Jules is working on it, but y'all who arent trying until after this post, might get a break in difficulty :p

  18. Thanks everyone for your patience, and Chin for the help!
    I am trying to figure out how to make the riptide trident course a better more fun experience. I have to step away for a bit, but I will be back. We did not run into anything like this at all during testing. I really appreciate everyone's patience and positive attitude while we try to sort it out.

    EDIT: Things are running far smoother now with the trident course. Many thanks!
  19. Candy candy candy😋my favorite thing to hoard♥️