Halloween Event 2020: Zahnenn and Candy Exchange

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  1. I cannot emphasize enough how much work Khixan, WyntyrRaevyn, corruptedsmile, liamwill, and MoreMoople put into this (apologies if I'm missing any other BT who worked on it). With a large event like this, there are always bound to be some technical difficulties, so we appreciate your patience as we get those fixed up (thanks chicken, Rainbow, and others!)--in the meantime, please give those BT members a HUGE shout-out if you happen to catch them ingame. This has been their baby for many, many months of planning and building, and it turned out amazing!
  2. Hey, Happy Halloween all o/

    Have a bootiful evening!
  3. This events a joke. The second last hole in the trident course is impossible for me, on higher ping. i "HIT" the coal block and get tped to the start EVERY TIME
    pls lower the coal blocks BY ONE BLOCK as they should stop cheaters not when you make it thru client side but server side u dont
  4. Thank you build team and staff. You've done a great job!
    Happy Halloween, EMC!
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  5. Heya Envine,
    ElfinPineapple and RainbowChin addressed the spots on the trident course. It still takes a number of tries and effort, but everyone should be able to get through it now I hope.
  6. The fact that u have the audacity to call someone else’s months of work a joke purely because of a personal inconvenience is a joke
  7. rude. imagine calling a beautiful event and build all created by players like you and I for our enjoyment, a joke... when as, cTJx mentioned you having a higher ping is no one's issue but is indeed a personal inconvenience.

    the issue, as Jules told you a few posts earlier, should be resolved.

    again, thank you Jules and the BT for all your dedication! <3
  8. Thank you to my fellow Build Team members and the Magical Minties for all their hard work! I hope you all enjoy the build! Happy Halloween ;) 🎃
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  9. While I may have gotten VERRRRRRY frustrated at times, I finally finished it!
    Thank you so much to our awesome build team and are their hard work! Ya'll kicked butt and it looks AWESOME!
    Also a thank you for working quick to resolve the problems that came up.
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  10. I've tridented through the - shaped hole 8 times, only to get sent back to the start 8 times :(
    Edit: After breaking 1 trident, I finally cheesed it by standing in the non-flowing water and aiming for the slime blocks

    But, very nice builds and love everything else!
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  11. Yup, #ragequit at the trident course lol
  12. Great build though, amazing as usual :)
  13. Was the course difficult?
    Was it incredibly fun at the same time?
    Also yes.

    I so appreciate all the effort that was put into this! It was great. :D Thank you to everyone who put in time to give us this cool event. :)

    Now, please enjoy this picture of me spinning because the trident glitched. :p
  14. Well done build team! The trident area was difficult but fun. I had to do the parkour once, the baby way, and that was also fun. The squid area took about 10 times but I got it. Absolute fun all around!!
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  15. fantastic and well done built! its very entertaining and challenging with the trident. thank you :)
  16. Beautifully constructed build! Congratulations to the build team on an epic success.
    The "story" was a little hard to follow at a couple of points and I ended up wandering, but it gave me the opportunity to really appreciate the efforts and complex builds that went into making this.
    Big kudos on the trident course. took a little bit to get through but was tons of fun.
  17. I've been here waiting... for 20 minutes... for a pufferfish :mad:
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  18. ...and my bf has been trying for an hour and a half, and has not gotten a single pufferfish. Someone pls halp :|
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  19. If the pufferfish is being impossible and you don't care about completing every little thing, skip to the Lab. Go stand on the Lab Notes pressure plate. See the spoiler guide and pick up from there. You should be able to get a trident from the button on the wall at the start of the trident course (after you have a bow and can tp from mouth of monster).

    Catching a pufferfish usually took me 1-7 tries, but one time, I had to catch 19 other fish and 2 saddles. It's just luck.
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