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  1. I misread that as "Stop Google Chromebooks" and now I have the thought of evil Chromebooks on a rampage stuck in my head.

    Do your part and defenestrate a Chromebook today.
  2. Chromebook ads on a website for a Minecraft server that you can’t join from a chromebook.

    Have to love Google’s advertising engine!

    It’s like Amazon sending me 5 emails about buying a table after I already bought a table.

    Like, no Amazon, I already bought it. I don’t need another one, no matter how many “amazing deals” you send me.
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  3. What do you mean? I think you’re just missing out on what other table fanatics love too! Have you tried hickory tables? Or a fold up one? Try these other options for table lovers just like you!
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  4. Ad blocker, because we live in a ad society and not having some protection from un-needed surprises is dumb
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  5. Google just making money for unwanted ads. Fun... Not really. Its annoying tbh.
  6. AFAIK you can't get Ad Blocker on iOS tho

    I have no idea where these pop up ads even came from tbh, I've never had them before but over the past day I've been bombarded with them so hard and so often that I now refuse to use this website on my phone atm



  8. i've killed this ad type.
  9. Nice Umbrella Corporation thing open in the other tab
  10. Iv never got a full screen one on emc (4 years and counting 😂😂
  11. nice one g cheers

    thanks it's the resident evil wikia i was using it to stare at pictures of bela (i'm down to the earth's core for vampire girls)!!!
  12. I think living in an ad society and many people regularly using ad blockers are incompatible.
  13. This is actually a very interesting topic of thought in economics. I know one name it is referred by is the “nash equilibrium.” It’s an interesting theory. Basically everyone advertises because everyone else does, not because it actually helps.
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  14. Where I live adverts seem to be things companies lease out to filmmakers so their rejected sketch show ideas get created and the brand gets some recognition (advertising a new product was always secondary or didn’t happen). Some popular TV channels (e.g the BBC) don’t even show adverts.




    Or see the Kevin The Carrot saga and the ‘John Lewis Christmas advert’ phenomenon, where Aldi advertises its Christmas dinner produce through an animated short that feels like a kid’s cartoon and has NOTHING to do with the Aldi brand besides the logo at the end, and John Lewis makes some feel-good story about the Christmas truce in World War I or about some monster thing getting accepted by his medieval society and has literally no sign that John Lewis is even advertising anything.

    I came properly online after I got my first laptop and only then was I bombarded with adverts. I’ve never been impressed by them. I mean, seriously, the adverts I posted above are literally just blocks that say “SHOP GOOGLE CHROMEBOOKS” and “CHEAPEST LIFE INSURANCE”. The ones I get on YouTube are always McDonald’s adverts or something where they just have someone narrate the creation of one of their plastic-looking burgers, or some pickup artist tells me “TOP 10 WAYS I’LL CHANGE YOUR DATING GAME.... IF YOU PAY ME £50.99” What’s the point? It always feels like advertising for the sake of advertising.

    The only advert I’ve had that interested me over the last year is some whistleblower fella who’s made a documentary on my city’s mayor (who was arrested in December for bribery and witness intimidation) and on the corruption in our city’s council (which has now practically been abolished and our city is now run by the civil service for the time being). But that was done during an election where I could’ve voted for an anti-corruption candidate and we’re voting to abolish the Mayor’s office next year - it was well-placed and came to at a time when I would be interested in such a thing. It wasn’t Google randomly trying to get me to buy a Chromebook in an annoying pop-up ad.

    And, I mean, on top of that... my country has 14.3 million people living in poverty, and one of its constituent countries has the worst poverty rate in Western Europe and is actually comparable to an Eastern European nation, and around 15 million aged 50+. That’s 50% of the country who either can’t afford to buy what’s advertised or don’t care (what 50 year old is going to buy a McDonald’s because of an advert or get their grandkid that cool new piece of plastic tat that they KNOW is overpriced plastic tat that won’t be played with after a few days) 🤔🤔

    I agree with the theory tbh BUT then again, I live in an area of the world where hating capitalism and anything to do with it is the norm and have only ever been to countries where that’s also the norm, so I’m biased :p
  15. For those who don't know, as JD's short explanation might be misleading: this would mean that it would be detrimental for a producer to stop advertising if others kept advertising, but it might be (it doesn't have to be) advantageous to stop advertising if all others would also stop advertising.
    An interesting idea indeed, but I'm not sure if it's relevant. I'm not at my sharpest at the moment, though. :p But I'm glad I'm still sharp enough to recall this bit of theory.