Give us YOUR input on the pending land claiming process!

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  1. There is a new form in town! (okay that sounds weird)

    Upon review of recent events and some threads on topic, we have decided to early-release a Google form for community input regarding the land claiming process that will be coming to EMC. Just like our 'suggest a promo item' form, this will help take input from the community in the most efficient manner and allow the staff to have a database from which to pull and build ideas without any one player being overlooked because they weren't boisterous with their opinions.

    Why are submissions not public?
    Short answer: Anonymity is actually HELPFUL and we want results without a drama war.
    Long answer: As we saw with the promo suggestions form, some players that never speak up on the forums (don't know the reason) really have a great wealth of creativity just waiting to be expressed. I love reading what some of you can come up with and for this I want to hear what each player has to say on equal footing.

    What will you do with my answers?
    Short answer: Read, tabulate, and archive.
    Long answer: We'll read each one that comes in and make notes of patterns that emerge and things that stand out. This coupled with our current draft plans (yes we have some) will help to form the final product. Our hopes is that by offering a way to suggest things rather than a locale for shooting down responses, the result is a more productive rather than reductive creative decision process.

    The form:
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  2. first! i like this
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  3. (Nuuu...)

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  4. Link that url, krysyy. :p
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  5. rekt

    I think this is a good idea (on topic post)
  6. What if the ideas that stand out amongst the forms are terrible? Just saying.
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  7. im glad that the four to 7 people who started complaining recently including me have an outlet to vent :p
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  8. Okay, I put my submission in :D
    (Wonder who put the first one in..)
  9. "Anonymity is actually HELPFUL"

  10. Great idea to get the community's input on the process. :)
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  11. its anon to everyone else obviously
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  12. I submitted my response, glad to be at least a small part of the decision making process of such an amazing new feature.
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  13. Yay! We love having a say in things here on the Empire. :)
  14. Wonder where this came from... *Cough M4NIAC_M1NER Cough*

    I did it for the picture of mah dawg
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  15. this is basically just the "official created by krysyyl" version of that
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  16. Hope my land-claiming suggestion is satisfactory :3
    Can't wait for the Empire to have real empires!
    Emperor and Empress, yes?
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  17. "All questions are based on the following statements:
    -The base must be established before land claiming can occur. All limitations of space with regards to distance from other bases and the outposts apply.
    -Each land claim will be officially operated by one player. For example: If the account krysyyjane9191 owns the outpost, only the account krysyyjane9191 will be able to claim the land.
    -The land claiming applies only to the Frontier Wilderness."

    A few questions.

    1. So if I've been living in an area for years but never bothered to "claim" it but someone has claimed something close - I have no chance of protecting my land?

    2. In regards to only one person being able to claim an area. Does this not raise concerns that it will have a negative effect on people who want to claim land close together? Since there are distance regulations. Shouldn't it be up to the people if they want to claim things together?
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  18. Those statements are not necessarily representative of any decision made at this moment in time. They are merely supposed to be standards to work off of to eliminate some variables in people's answers that may come up. So if you have suggestions regarding these, include them in that last bit where it asks for anything else you want to say.
  19. ok. ty.