Give us YOUR input on the pending land claiming process!

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  1. Form sent, at first error 503 (or something), after refresh google 'gulp' the form, I hope POST data survived as I would hate to write this again (it took about 25 minutes..)
  2. I don't personally have any ideas on this right now, but I'll keep it in mind. Nice to see that the community are being asked about it :)
  3. let me re-iterate what I said - DT isn't a hard requirement. You can still claim land without doing it, but DT will be the main provider of tokens to help achieve it quicker.

    Now those hoarding tokens could in THEORY have enough when we release it to claim land, this is what I mean by balance game. We can't rush into stuff like that.

    The general idea is that you can create an Empire for some minimal cost (potentially only rupees), to create your "group association", which we have many more ideas on how to integrate Empires into the website and such, and then the Empire works together to pool tokens and rupees to claim land itself (sort of like an Empire Bank of pooled resources).

    So if you want you can have a 1 man Empire and collect tokens yourself, and ultimately still claim land if you are into in the Frontier enough to build something significant out there.
  4. Lol, checked on it and it's there. Nice cat =P
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  5. Oh, I do have one question that I would like answered when we're closer to the release of the claims system. "How much will it cost me to claim the land currently occupied by my Empire?" :) I was running on zero hours of sleep yesterday when on the forums and filling out the form so this question kind of leaked out of my brain and made a mess on the carpet.

    EDIT: Also another messy bit that's dribbled out here. Do we have an ETA on when things might be publicly documented? (e.g. in a wiki page or other "article?" )This discussion on the forums is great! And I suspect we have a very good start of some of the documentation when looking across all of the current official responses. (Certain key details are missing, such as exact costs, how much land it buys you ...etc. And we know that those details will be filled in based on the feedback that was solicited...)

    EDIT 2: if it already is, perhaps a link in the main thread post would be helpful? maybe? maybe not?
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  6. I wish there could be another way to earn a significant amount of tokens for land claiming. Some of us here simply do not enjoy mob hunting, even though we happily pay for supportership and vote regularly. It seems that killing mobs or dragons will be the main source of tokens, and to those of us who are more suited to mining, or building elaborate Redstone designs will be left at a disadvantage?
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  10. In your form add a daily token payment for being supporter idk
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  11. group mining bonuses add up, ask any supporter native to smp6
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  12. So I read this whole thread and correct me if I am wrong but I do not see Dragon Eggs anywhere as a reward. Wasn't that supposed to be something that came along with it as well?
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  13. I don't see either of these things (dragon tombs or land claiming in wild) as being more important one than the other. Although, in my very own opinion, I'd rather have dragon tombs first as we've been waiting for that for as long as I can remember. Really, I like the gameplay I have right now, and I don't think too much about dragon tombs or land claiming at all. Maybe that is simply because j am a townie. Just throwing my opinion out there. ;)
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  14. I
    I like the game play now as well, and I like the idea of dragon tombs. I would really like to see protected frontier land come with no strings attached though. Just my opinion:)
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  15. I, like FDNY21, don't have any good idea's to put forth but I'ts fantastic that if I did that my thoughts would get heard. Aikar, I commend you for being so open to the community and giving us the opportunity to express ourselves even when we disagree. I have been to so many different servers in search of a place to land where the server wasn't getting reset because of this that or the other (often), griefing/stealing from others was fine, and most server owners or staff just do what they want and you can just leave it you want cause they just don't care. You don't get that here, stealing (same thing as griefing) gets you banned, and maybe more that all that... I feel like we as players/ in real life people are respected as such by you and certainly by your great staff.
    I can't wait to have this implemented. Griefing: Yep. I've been griefed more than once. There will always be those types of people no matter where you go. If you just let the grief go to the wayside and not report it then that peron(s) will just continue to do so at will. (please don't reply telling me you do report it.. That msg was for those who don't).

    This is such a positive community to be in and 'I Can't Wait For This To Happen!!!' :D Woot!!!
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  16. Thx for the new system, been waiting a while for some use on tokens! :p
  17. If Dragon Tombs is hard enough for Aikar to do (its taken nearly 3 years to come out and its been pushed to the side), land claiming won't be any easier - it will be the exact opposite.
    Ah, yes - because 60x60 plots are big enough spaces to build big projects on... As EdmundWayne once told me in some form: "The wild is where its at. Town plots are too small for the real stuff.'
    Speaking as somebody who joined EMC 2+ years before you and before Aikar was even a moderator, much less the owner of EMC: the original plan was to not have 'Empires', and the wild was not a place for 'Empires to arise'. Nononono. The Wild (or Frontier, as its now called) was intended to be a place for mining, and eventually 'clans' (which, since mid-2012, have been more commonly referred to as outposts) arose from that. Empires were never supposed to be a thing - Aikar's post in this thread referring to the name of land claiming is the first I've ever heard of it being called 'Empires'. Land claiming became part of the EMC development roadmap when Aikar became the server's programmer.

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong: but wasn't the original plan for land claiming for it to be available to every player? From what I've read in this thread, it seems to just be a thing for the wild outposts and big communities - not individuals, who, in my personal opinion, are worse off in the wild when it comes to griefings. They don't usually get to have loads of players repairing their buildings ASAP, and they commonly don't have very many items (big communities mine those up quickly, players mine them up very slowly) to actually rebuild with.
    If that's true, we'll need Dragon Tombs out before land claiming - and I, personally, don't see that happening.
    I believe that's referred to as 'factions'... just, without the dragons. Usually.
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  18. So a broad and hopefully abbreviated answer from my opinion/perspective to certain questions:

    Frontier land claiming is not like a plot which we could simply unclaim and reset when someone goes derelict. The servers should still be town focused for the majority of players for this reason. As much as I would like to give every player 500x500 blocks in the wild to do whatever they want, we must recognize there are fundamental problems with that thought process.

    I once visited another server (no idea which), and I went out to their wilderness area (no town plots), and I was unable to find an area to claim before dying. I do Not want to recreate that experience here; hence the continued focus on town plots with players' opportunity to expand into a wilderness base.

    As mentioned before, there should not be a strong derelict policy on frontier land claims. We do not expect the high turnover rates that town experiences with new members. How do we measure the threshold of "going to disappear after a month" or "will stick around for at least a year"? I do not know, but isn't that the point of the form in the OP?

    Finally; Why tokens? Not every player uses rupees, as not all participate in the economy. This is especially true for wild base players. Tokens can/will be gathered in different non-economy ways, and therefore seems more natural.
  19. Yeah, some of the points I made in my submission stemmed from experience with 'other servers' and their processes of claiming land. Dealing with land-lockedness and players making walls to prevent any would-be traveler from moving beyond them was not a fun experience.
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  20. I'm still waiting on the new ring of res's lol XD. But you can use the gold shovel technique were you got x amount of claim blocks then the shovel brakes.