Funny Staff Moments!

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  1. jaqque is a money machine
  2. Ohsnap! I need to get in on that action :eek:
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  3. Plenty of... interesting conversations went on tonight. I have literally dozens of screenshots, they just need to be cropped and edited. This is gonna be good... muahahaha...
  4. I don't mind the naming of the bugs - you mentioned the spider and the beetle.
    But I am wondering if the naming them is only after they are squished, as a way of memorializing the blobs they have become... and if that is the case, have you gone through the entire book of names, yet? :eek:
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  5. I only name a few lucky little blobbos :D
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  6. My rlog is a complete mess right now...
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  7. Jaqque and I hung out for a bit after all the events ended yesterday and I donated two horses whose names were selected by a random word generator. Tragedy and Parachute are two new horses residing in Jaqque's stables. Their child is a poor fellow by the name of Conference who obtained none of his parent's speed or jumping abilities. You can say he was created by a Parachute Tragedy.
  8. All of the following were taken on the same day, 29 March 2020.

  9. @BurgerKnight's pun:
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  10. Chin trapped me in a hot sauce bottle...

  11. "Chin's Monster"
    The honey block gets pushed back and forth, it's hole in one on extreme difficulty :p

    It's still unfolding on Games... join us, hehe
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  12. In the end, he cheated.
  13. I think I prefer "Creative Use Of Game Mechanics"
  14. This happened during the cinco event as well... great times :D (this was also posted in the thread of the event)
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  15. I like that the Emoji matches. :D
  16. I thought it said Anon, xD
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