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  1. SEU reeducation camps in Xianjing.
    Conditions vary. A lot. Most are good. Some are like prison. Some suck a lot.
    They ran these camps with the fundamental purpose of obliterating the Uyghur identity and replacing it with a Han identity. Make no mistake. This is all towards the ultimate goal, a Communist World. The Party really does mean well, they will achieve the perfect Society and they have a patient, minimal-death plan to achieve that Society. Even if they have to obliterate all other cultures to do so. In that sense, they are evil.
    The SEU Government basically rounded up a crap ton of young people and taught them Mandarin Chinese as well as skills. The SEU Government taught them many things, like reading and writing. They were also given large cash grants. The Government also promised many things like infrastructure.
    The only condition; give up their religion. Give up their identity. They are no longer Uyghurs. They are proud members of the Chinese Region of the Socialist Eurasian Union.
    The Government began many programs to improve the lives of Xianjing peoples. The SEU Government spent a crap ton of money doing that; so much that the Government was accused of helping some desert Muslims when they could be helping poor Russians, or poor Chinese!
    Of course, the goal is to make the Xianjing peoples proper Chinese. That way, SEU can help everyone equally!
    Some however were to reeducate terrorists, and in this SEU used renovated Gulags.
    Some of the worst camps are for violent criminals. Those are like SEU's Unit 731, but less evil. When SEU needs Guinea Pigs, they tap on those because no one cares.
    Or at least they used to. As of 1960, those camps are being closed under the TLA-SEU Ceasefire Agreement. The camps did a lot of good; the living standards of Xianjing Province was greatly improved because of those camps. But they were with the ultimate purpose of destruction of the Uyghur Identity, something which they were very good at. That was the bad.
    Is the obliteration of a cultural identity an acceptable price to pay for the improvement of living standards?
    Is the idea of a perfect world an acceptable rationale for the sacrifice of dozens of cultures?
    Is the happiness of the World's peoples more important than its diversity?
    Well... answering those questions is half the fun of New Nations.
  2. Education

    Something very important in the eyes of the Caliphate, after all, it's literally the thing that will carry the Islamic Caliphate into the future, on the backs of the new generation and by the new generation.
    That's why it's a priority, and tons of money is being pushed into it.
    Every province is planned to have at least 2 major universities. These universities vary in the region, but it is pretty much consulted that Libya has the worst and Arabia has the best.
    This needs to be changed, the best universities need to be the Sunayyad Caliphate, not Arabia.
    Still, more are being built and are being open. Thousands of schools already exist, but without universities children will leave to work in basic jobs. Indeed, there are so many good jobs that don't require a university education, but if the Caliphate wants to expand, they want better universities.

    The Plan to build hundreds more of universities and colleges is underway, which will support degrees in mathematics, science, medicine, teaching, engineering, etc.
    The Caliphate isn't only building educational institutes, but making them much better. Regardless of occupation, firefighter, sanitation worker, police officer, miner, or whatever; you are going to receive the best training that the Caliphate can give so you can make the greatest output and earn a stable living.
    (they also need more scientists and engineers for their military)

    The end goal is to make the Caliphate last for centuries, or even millennium. The Islamic world must thrive, and that is by making your entire workforce and populous smarter, more skilled, more aware, and the builders of the grand future.

    It's a simple equation.
  3. Each of the Ethnic Groups in SEU:
    Han Chinese: We have joined together with some other ethnicities to create a Communist World. It seems this is working, the Communist Project led by the Socialist Party has brought us cleaner air and water, more food, spacious houses, Air conditioning, and more beautiful children. Let's keep doing this, it's great! This is really good!
    Koreans: Whoo!!! We're now on equal standing with the Chinese! And we have super awesome things like not starving to death in famines like what used to happen 50 years ago, less disease, more houses, and a higher life expectancy! MORE SOCIALISM! SOCIALISM IS AWESOME!!!
    Russians: We are no longer ruled by stupid Tsars, our new leaders are strong and gives us prosperity. Maybe bit too hard on Orthodox Christianity, but okay, not like they shut down any church.
    Belarussians: Woah, we have comfortable houses, reliable heating and plentiful food. I guess that works. Yay Socialism?
    Ukrainians: I get the feeling we're being exploited for our farmland... whatever, we're rich now.
    Kazakhs: We never agreed to this... I mean, it doesn't suck, we have better lives now... but it also isn't the miracle that the central media says it is. It just isn't all that it's cracked up to be...
    Uyghurs: They're destroying our culture, under the pretense of improving our lives and making Communism stronger. Socialism is bad, even if they aren't trying to be.
    Tibetans: Ever since the Socialists came, they have systematically attempted to erase our culture and destroy our way of life. They have placed Concrete buildings while desecrating our traditions. They have demolished our Temples to build their offices. Foreigners move in who care not for our culture. They have spat in the face of the Dalai Lama and the dignity of Tibet. Socialism has been nothing but evil.
    Siberians: Why are we being bunched up into one giant group? We're unique, stop treating us like one giant group! We have unique needs, we understand you're trying to help us, but stop sending copies of the Quran to Mongols! We're not all the same!
    Siberians in the middle of nowhere that the SEU Government keeps ignorant of their existence for entertainment: Socialism what now?
    Keep in mind that SEU's Socialism is not an Economic Model. It is a Governmental Model, combined with Economic Factors. You can't have one without the other.
    SEU's Socialism is a single-party state which I have described in great detail. It's closest to the IRL CCP, but not quite. It is efficient, but is deeply flawed in that it is fundamentally expansionistic and built to suppress freedom.
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  4. Ethnic Group of the Sunayyad Caliphate and their Feelings:

    Arabs: Wow, we never thought we would bring back Muhammed's Caliphate, and to top it all, the fact is that the Caliphate is basically an Arabic Empire!

    Persians: Even though we are ruled by Arabs, which we don't really enjoy, at least we are treated as brothers and seen as our own culture and people, WHO ARE NOT Arabic.

    Kurds: We have our own province, finally! And our language is actually put on the passport! Long live Kurdistan!

    Jews: Not many are happy with the fact that we couldn't become an Independent nation. We were promised it so long ago, and now we are under rule of an Islamic Arab mesh of theocratic rulers. At least we have our own Province recognition, our language is known as a main language and on the international passport, and that our housing (which isn't actually bad) was built by the government for us. Maybe it's not so bad, but Zionists can never seem to get a grip on reality. Also strange how the Caliphate loves our Jewish scientists....

    Turks: We consider ourselves the Ottoman Empire 2.0, even though we are under a dominant Arabic Caliph, we reminiscence our Ottoman past. Hopefully we can return to that, just hopefully, but for now, we are treated as brothers with the Arabs.

    Berbers: We are for the most part left alone and not put in the spotlight which we are oddly thankful for, all that we need is the fact that one of our leaders Ain Defka got to influence the direct Greater Council and Caliph in the 1950s elections!

    Palestinian: We don't want these Jews here, yes, they have improved our region and economy quite a bit, however they have declared themselves a Province directly inside the borders of our Province. It is like they are stealing from us and the government doesn't care.

    Egyptian Copts: Even though Christian in an Islamic Nation, we are treated well, and for the most part left alone.

    South Sudan Dinka: We don't wish to be controlled by an Arab state.

    South Nubian Ethnicity: It's very odd to be dominantly black and ruled by an Arab leadership we haven't talked to yet. However, they have taken us out of our crap hole situation, improved our infrastructure, built schools and hospitals, and have made us a massive agricultural powerhouse. We are widely different cultures, however we appreciate their vast help.

    Pashtun Afghans: We are delighted to be apart of such a great nation, and one which allows us to keep our ethnic cultures and way of life. We are close to the viewing point of the SEU, and have heard first hand of their assimilation to their own people. We have had many of their Tibetian people flee into Afghanistan and we welcome them with open arms.

    Tajik/Uzbek/Turkmen: The Caliphate is a friend to the Central Asian nations.

    Small herding tribes in general: We are under a Sunayyad Caliphate? Musawaism? Who cares, we have seen some of their representations, but we are keeping to our selves, and they let us keep to ourselves, which makes us very pleased, just let us herd our animals and keep to our villages!

    Saharan Tribes: We can do our business, and we are happy of it.
  5. Battle of Melbourne:
    SEU 4th and 6th Combined Arms Armies, SEU XVIII Infantry Corps, SEU XXXIV Armored Corps vs Australian 2nd and 4th Liberation Army
    308,000 men vs 125,000 men
    412 T-54/55 Series Tanks vs 208 T-54 tanks, 38 T-34-85 Tanks
    252 Medium-Caliber Guns, 9 280mm High-Caliber guns, 2 457mm superheavy guns vs 83 Medium-Caliber Guns
    Overwhelming superiority in logistics vs Extensive Defenses.
    65 MiG-21 Fighters, 297 MiG-17M Fighters, 1 Supercarrier sortieing with Su-12Voy Multirole Fighters, 3 Tu-101 Superheavy Bombers, 8 T-16 Bombers vs 32 MiG-21K Fighters, 86 MiG-17 Fighters.
    The Battle was less of a climatic end to the Australian campaign as much as it was an anticlimactic SEU demolishing of the Australians.
    The SEU T-55 tanks were grossly superior to the older Australian models, and the T-34-85 could not penetrate their armor. The tank clashes ended repeatedly in SEU victory.
    The Infantry clashes were less decisive; following the ways of Sunzi, the commanders agreed to split their force and to attack the Australians at once. The Australians attempted to defeat them in detail, but it was found that the XVIII Infantry Corps and XXXIV Armored Corps had joined up to prevent such a scenario. The SEU forces encircled the Australian Liberation Army. In a series of aerial engagements and Tank assaults, the SEU XXXIV Armored Corps managed to push them to the gates of the City, although the Australians took only minor casualties; if the Australians wanted to fight, they could give SEU a hard time. But they didn't.
    The SEU Supercarrier attacked the Australians ruthlessly, and after realizing that further resistance would only get Melbourne levelled and made an example of to any further rebellions, they agreed to negotiate.
    They were brief, to say the least. SEU held all the cards, but SEU wanted to still prevent anger among them.
    SEU agreed to make many financial concessions to Australia and to help them best they could, as well as ceasing direct hostilities with the UK. Australia agreed never to try and rise up again. Other than that, it would be pre-1959 conditions; Australia would be a region of SEU.
    Italy isn't happy, but then SEU sells them lots of ammo and raw materials so that they can fund their war effort; the UK and Italy are evenly matched, it seems, and SEU intends to tilt the balance by selling Italy whatever they want.
    The negotiations with Xianjing have also concluded.
    Xianjing will be renamed and given Autonomous Status, to East Turkestan Autonomous Province, ETAP for short.
    The ETAP will be on par with a region in its status; all future SEU Autonomous Provinces will be given rights de facto equal to that of SEU regions, even if it's a province. It is de facto because SEU is unwilling to actually give it region status for fear of angering China.
    The ETAP Government will be subject to review by the SEU Government, but the ETAP will be free to Govern itself as they wish. The ETAP Government is like a mini-SEU Government anyway, so SEU doesn't care. In times of war, the ETAP Government will be temporarily disbanded to preserve the integrity of the main SEU Government.
    The ETAP Government will swear ultimate loyalty to the Communist Movement above all else.
    The SEU Government will never again attempt to eradicate East Turkestani Culture.
    2 down, 1 to go.
  6. The Socialist Party has a plan. It's a model of Human Evolution.
    The current model of Eurasian Socialism is only the second part of this grand plan; all other Socialist Bloc nations are on the first part. Let us rate them as a scale. This is basically a SEU propaganda poster.
    -1: Anarcho-Capitalism/Theocracy
    • Repressive, Orwellian, Totalitarian Dystopia. Hell on Earth, no freedom, no food. Life is meaningless.
    • Caused by obsession with something; SEU even notes that obsession with the idea of Communist Society (Real-life Soviet Union) is a possible cause of this Dystopia.
    0: Capitalism
    • Uncontrolled concentration of wealth onto existing wealth, creating chaos.
    • Vast Religions keeping people blind, false sense of meaning.
    • At least better than Anarcho-Capitalism, because there is some freedom, and some food.
    1: Social Democracy:
    • Redistribution of Wealth to the masses, resulting in healthy operation of system.
    • Freedom combined with inherently evil humans mean that this is untenable on a grand scale.
    • While there is still brutal competition, the stakes are lower.
    2: Eurasian (FAKE) Socialism:
    • Powerful Government ensures that everyone benefits from system. Everyone wins as long as they try.
    • Less freedom, but the Government is given incentive to be wise and competent thanks to fear of revolution.
    • Repression of Freedom by Government means system is less than ideal, but necessary for system staying afloat.
    3: True Socialism:
    • Untenable by current Humanity; the Socialist Party is working on it.
    • Private Property still exists, but the state controls vital resources.
    • More Freedom than Eurasian Socialism; people are better, and therefore can be trusted with more freedom.
    4: Communism:
    • Untenable by current Humanity and Human Nature. Any attempt to implement now will end in disaster. The Socialist Party is working on it.
    • No Private Property, but all those that work eat. Luxuries can be afforded by those who work to earn them,
    • People are Free to do as they please; the Party and the concept of Government is obsolete.
    • Perfect Future Society and Endgame of the Socialist Party.
    How does SEU rate the various nations of the world in this scale?
    RUM: -0.6
    Sunayyad Caliphate: -0.1
    Italy: 0
    South Africa: 1.1
    DRC: 1.2
    UBR: 1.2
    Themselves: 1.9
  7. The bombing campaign is going... less than optimal.
    SEU has levelled hundreds of Holy Buddhist sites and killed thousands of their own people for nothing; several Air Force Commanders have been fired for their incompetence, they've killed more civilians than rebels.
    Several commanders has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for War Crimes, and one pilot has been outright killed for deliberately targeting civilians.
    Things in Tibet are getting worse and worse.
    SEU realizes that a peaceful reintegration of Tibet is now impossible; crap happens.
    SEU contemplates just letting them go. No, the Chinese will get angry.
    SEU contemplates deporting everyone. No, too expensive.
    SEU contemplates killing the Dalai Lama and ruling through fear. No, it'll incite rebellion and be bad press.
    SEU contemplates just killing everyone. No, even the Socialist Party has standards.
    Then SEU invents a brilliant new solution.
    SEU will take a hardline stance.
    But not guns hardline stance, no.
    Money hardline stance. SEU will only give them money if they agree to abandon the Tibetan identity. They will not have to fire a single bullet; just block all imports of food.
    That is, if they can ever defeat that damn insurgency.
  8. The Musawai Brotherhood has fallen apart, for the most part.

    The infighting and notability of Ashqar and his will to leave set the group off and allowed them to spiral.
    The group hasn't disbanded, but their cultist days are over, the Hand of Fatima Guild no longer exists, and they are working as hard as they can to erase what they started... At least, that's what they want you to think.

    Basically, the group still has members and acts as a leadership to Musawaism, but the damage is dealt, and the Islamic Clergy is much more suited to run the Musawaism Ideology rather than the Musawai Brotherhood.
    Most members have left, and many conspirators rumor about the group's secret society meaning, however the Brotherhood reassures them they were only leading the ideology. Don't know why celebrities would be leading a religious group, but okay.

    This is a win for the SEU, well, the Founder. No one cares but the Founder and his side, and this is a first win for him in a long time.
  9. The oldie is just happy he can live without people trying to kill him; he farmed for his own food because someone actually tried to poison him with Arsenic and the poor guy only survived because he was using a cutlery set robbed from the Joseon Dynasty, which was made of Silver. The Silver turned black; the guy had no idea what that meant, threw out his food, and bought a new meal from a fast food restaurant. He basically survived due to dumb luck and only found out like a week later. He decided to farm his own food after that. He also wrote like 3 books in the 40 years he was in the mountains, looks like he did do some useful things!
    In any case, the SEU has ordered the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th CA armies to mobilize, to once and for all defeat the Tibetan Insurgency in Combat. The 5th and 7th armies, stationed in the Western Territories, have been augmented with a force of 6 divisions constituting the newly formed 8th CA Army. SEU has disbanded the 12th and 13th Guards Armies and redesignated the 14th guards army into the 12th Guards Army. This is to slightly compensate for the creation of the 9th CA Army that will be made of native East Turkestani peoples. SEU is giving this to them as a reward for being very loyal in the past few weeks and disarming as well as punishing extremists as the SEU requests; SEU is giving this as a part of the general aid package going to East Turkestan.
  10. The SEU 1st CA Army and SEU 2nd CA Armies have launched an invasion into Tibet's Southern side, into the mountains and plateau. For this reason, they have heavy Air Force support but light armored support. The 3rd and 4th Armies are far more armored and have been tasked with destroying all resistance in the desert then linking up with the 1st and 2nd armies.
    The 1st and 2nd armies are not fresh conscripts. They are battle-hardened troops, and SEU expects that they will be the ones to nullify the mountain and terrain knowledge advantage of the Tibetans. Combined with overwhelming Air Support, SEU will drive them out of the Province.
    The East Turkestan branch of the Socialist Party has requested some more weapons. SEU gives them more money and tells them to do whatever. (only theoretically subordinate to the SEU Socialist Party 90% of the time.); SEU has been showering East Turkestan with gifts and funding to the point they're on track to run a deficit if they continue to spend money on wars, spend money on giving the SEUSA a massive budget to work with, and showering East Turkestan with money.
    East Turkestan is currently spending the money they have to improve the quality of life drastically, and has so much of a surplus they are actually sending money back because they're afraid they might grow used to it, even if they've used most of it to supercharge their Economic Growth. The East Turkestani opinion on SEU is improving as SEU money is flowing in. SEU's only instruction is that the East Turkestani Government use it to create an Economy that can stand on its own even if the SEU Government abandons it completely. The East Turkestani decide that angering the Socialist Party will only get their funds cut off and decides to build infrastructure as well as much public works to ensure a strong Economy.
    This comes with the consequences. China and Korea are not happy the Government is thinning down welfare programs for the general populace so that they can improve some wayward province in the middle of the Desert, but SEU can't afford for East Turkestan to rebel AGAIN, they'll have to raise more armies.
    Keep in mind the SEU Government running a deficit has happened precisely once before, in the years of the Great Depression. In all other years, the SEU Government builds a large nest egg so that in cases like the Great Depression, they don't have to borrow money and create even more deficits. The SEU Government likes to have at least 50% of the current year's budget in an emergency fund. The Government used around 3/4s of it in the Great Depression to save the Oil Industry (there was around 60% of the budget at the time), and it's back up to 52%. SEU will have to skim off the top a bit if they want to keep doing this.
    The Government opts to drain around 10% of the budget surplus and raise tax rates for the next 10 years. This has been a long chain of tax increases, although the GDP and income per Capita was rising faster than the tax increases. For the first time, the taxes have finally caught up to the increases in per Capita.
    The new goal is a 75% Emergency budget fund.
  11. The SEU Government has been unable to govern the City of Hong Kong. The Hongkongers have constantly protested the SEU integration of the City into its nation, calling it "Hostile" and "Destructive".
    This has been extremely detrimental to the stability of Hong Kong. While for the last few years, Hong Kong has been reasonably stable, during the last 2 weeks the intensity has skyrocketed. This is likely due to the fact SEU has announced that Hong Kong will be a part of the Guangdong Province and will have no independence. This announcement sparked a massive set or riots and protests around the city. The rioters started sieging the SEU Government Building that had been set up. For 51 hours, the SEU Government was forced to deploy Mi-8 Helicopters to deliver food to the 300+ employees. They attacked Police that attempted to stop them, sending dozens to the hospital and 3 dead. This was no longer a Riot. This was a Revolt.
    This was a step too far. The riots were tolerable; Hong Kong was but a City, and the Socialist Party had little intention of spilling blood just to stop a few riots. But this was an outright rebellion against Government Authority; the Governor himself had requested assistance much earlier, but the Socialist Party had turned them down in fear of creating a massacre. But this was too far; SEU Police Officers were dying. The Police demand that this situation be brought under control. The Army states that Hong Kong is on the verge of exploding.
    The SEU Government resolves to act.
    D-12: The Socialist Party gathers as many Printing Companies as possible and gives them an irresistible deal to print millions of flyers.
    D-7: The Socialist Party's propaganda department gets to work. Even if the SEU Government tries its best to reduce bloodshed (They've avoided direct intervention for fear of a massacre for months.), there will be blood at the end of this, and the Socialist Party's reputation must be protected.
    D-3: The SEU Government prepares a propaganda leaflet and ad-hoc armored cars to broadcast that should the receiver prefer to avoid getting shot, they should stay inside for the next 7 days. The SEU Government promises distribution of essentials and the restoring of order.
    D-2: The SEU Government ramps up the notification efforts big-time. Someone who does not hear is someone who dies. Tu-101 Bombers drop tens of thousands of leaflets to every neighborhood along with Mi-8 Helicopters that deliver to those in high-rise buildings. The Government sets up large shelters for homeless people who have nowhere to stay inside at, and counsels people that if they must go outside, they should not make any sudden motions or sounds. They should also make themselves conspicuous. Hundreds of armored cars patrol the streets blaring at the Hongkongers to stay inside for the next 6 days.
    D-1: The Government makes one-last ditch attempt to make everyone hear. There is a massive final sweep of the City with flyers, and Police go door-to-door to notify everyone. Once in a while, they catch someone who hasn't heard. One informed, one life saved. The SEU Government informs all foreign media to leave the City in the next 24 hours. If they refuse to leave, they will be shot.
    D-0: At 9:00 AM in the morning, 50,000 SEU troops make their way into the City. For the last 9 hours the SEU Government has been notifying people. But now, the speakers are silent.
    The streets are nearly empty. Other than a few stragglers which are pushed aside, and a few corpses here and there, there is no resistance.
    The Army goes door-to-door. Some people are arrested, although this is not documented except for three relatively tame arrests. Most are brought For-Civilian Army Rations and water, which is comprehensively photographed. They taste marginal at best, but hey, better than starving for a week.
    And then, a shot.
    And 29 more. Only 1 soldier is grazed, but the counterfire is immense. There is a minor shootout, and then quiet. The attacker is not dead, but he is dragged out. Mostly, the city is quiet but there are occasional bursts of Gunfire as well as a couple street battles between fanatical rioters and Police.
    At the end of the day, 96 people are dead, 23 Soldiers and Police, 71 rioters, and 2 accidental civilian deaths.
    D+1: The Government releases its briefing. It is a twisted narrative that nevertheless is built of truth.
    The Riots have ceased, but the work is not yet done; thousands were taken prisoner and the Government has nowhere to put them. SEU decides to reinstate the reeducation camps, but this time for rioters.
  12. RUM has been quietly stagnant where the economy has suffered a recession from long-term inactivity with any others. Prospects do not look good as RUM tries to ramp up production of textiles and exports, in hopes others will purchase. Food production goes up, but oil drilling stagnates, and in some cases, lessens because of a suffering economy. Residents feel the pain, but are grateful that nuclear energy has lessened their burden of their monthly electrical bills.

    RUM acknowledges fighting in other territories and chooses to remain passive, but allowing anyone to purchase good from them in hopes to improve the economy for the sake of the nations. The people of RUM look forward to the upcoming election, perhaps that will spark new hope for an improvement in future outcomes? One can only hope.

    RUM is willing to do business with other nations in hopes to help not only them but the people of RUM.
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  13. Venezuela realizes that attacking RUM will not go over well with SEU and requests that Socialist South America united to fight off the giant that is Brazil. Chile, increasingly boxed in and weakened, decides to cooperate.
    Socialist Africa is still a mess; NAE ships run around while DRC and South Africa bicker endlessly and do nothing of value. SEU's attempts to crush the Tibetan revolt are going horribly; the SEUAF is forced to supply the 1st and 2nd armies while they attempt to climb the mountains, at which they are taking huge by being ambushed by the righteous armies of Buddhist Monks.
    The Socialist Party is getting flak for its failures. The Socialist Party, being the only legally allowed Party in SEU, is subject to much scrutiny because it's basically the Government. The People want this revolt crushed without mercy so the SEU can go back to being the center of civilization and the greatest nation on Earth. The SEU Government reacts to this by firing several Colonels and announcing changes in leadership; Former General Voroshilov has been ordered to a figurehead post because he is a brave soldier despite his tactical inability. SEU has appointed an East Turkestani General in command of both armies; it is hoped he will know the terrain better.
    The Socialist Space Program is going well, that's about the only good thing.
  14. The Hong Kong protestors have requested a formal negotiation with the Government. In response, the SEU Government has held an impromptu referendum on whether to negotiate with them or not, and whether to allow Hong Kong to go free.
    79% No, 19% yes, 2% illegible.
    87% No, 12% yes, 1% illegible.
    Even the Socialist Government itself was surprised by this result. Frankly, they didn't want to negotiate; they wanted to say "No" and walk away; but to find that more than 80% of the people was in support was... surprising to say the least. They didn't need to fudge anything, the people just wanted to do this.
    This probably has to do with the overwhelming racism and sense of superiority of the Hongkongers over the mainland citizens and the sense they are being occupied illegally, which in all fairness, they are.
    The Socialist Government drafts a statement.
    "Dear so-called Hong Kong Liberation Movement:
    You are an illegitimate entity that seeks to by hostile force remove the City of Hong Kong from SEU jurisdiction. Your activities are supportive of Imperialist Activities and thus will be ignored by the rightful owners of Hong Kong, the people of the Socialist Eurasian Union.
    You are not representative of the will of the people; 87% of the people of SEU agree that the Socialist Eurasian Union should take its rightful place as the sovereign of Hong Kong City, and that any resistance should be removed by whatever means required. This is the will of the people, and the Socialist Party, in service of Global Communism, considers this an endorsement by the Socialist People that the Socialist Party's course is the right course for the establishment of Global Communism and the betterment of the Socialist Eurasian Union and its citizens.
    There will be no negotiation of any sort; you are not worth negotiating with.
    For Global Communism, the Socialist Party."
    The Socialist Party is dealing with a lot on its plate.
    Riots in Macau and Hong Kong, a revolt in Tibet, a slowdown of the Economy, and the people expect the party to deal with all of them. Being at the top is not easy. Basically the only good thing is the Space Program; at least that's going well; better than well.
    SEU has sent many probes to the moon, and SEU's Utrennyaya Zvedzda I probe has successfully orbited Venus. The SEUSA is bringing in results. Good results.
  15. The SEU people write thousands of letters to the Government. Letters flood the Government Offices, and they are mostly some variation of the following.
    They demand a crackdown on Hong Kong and for martial law to be imposed. The Mainlanders view Hong Kong as being chock full of racists. And they are very right; Hongkongers do have a racist streak. The Hongkongers demand Democracy or Death. The SEU Government can only provide death lest they incur the wrath of the Public of the SEU.
    Either way they lose. The people, the ones their constitution states the Party was created to serve and protect, second only to Communism in the list of the Party's values, is demanding that Hong Kong be put in its place. The Hongkongers, on the other hand, are demanding their freedom.e
    Either way, they piss off someone. Neither side wants to negotiate with the other and the Party is stuck in the middle trying to manage both. And the Party isn't doing so well either, they're censoring everything because they have no idea what to do in this circumstance and they are very confused over what's happening.
    Everyone Sucks Here.
    Mainland Chinese: Nationalistic Extremists.
    Hongkongers: Racist Extremists.
    Socialist Party: Incompetent.
  16. The SEU Central Government has taken charge. The Provincial Government of Guangdong has butchered this whole matter up until they refused to negotiate, and the Central Government is pissed.
    The Party immediately calls together a meeting with the Tycoons of Hong Kong City; the Party outright states that the meeting is not a happy one, and that this meeting will be a Party telling the Tycoons do to this and that, not a negotiation between the Party and the Tycoons.
    The Tycoons rule Hong Kong City and are their Oligarchs. The Party is angry that their control has been undermined by a bunch of exploitative Capitalists! How dare they!
    The Party dictates many terms.
    The Party dictates that unless they want a bullet between the eyes, they will relax housing prices; it is too high and the SEU cannot stand by and watch; Hong Kong is a SEU city too, even is SEU is blatantly occupying it illegally in violation of several Qing Dynasty Treaties.
    Whatever, not like international treaties matter! I bet occupying the South China Sea under the pretense of "taking back legitimate SEU land will definitely please their neighbors!
    SEU dictates that the constraints on Housing Prices will be lowered when Hong Kong is less jam-packed. To this end, SEU is offering to buy back Hong Kong homes at sky-high prices, if they will move out.
    The Tycoons, are for obvious reasons, angry. SEU has dictated that any attempt to circumvent this will result in a swift punishment, although SEU's position here is understandable; they've been screwed over time and again by the Tycoons and they are not having any of it.
    The Tibetan Revolt is actually making some progress; SEU's attempt to cut their supply lines is putting pressure on the Tibetan Liberation Army. But the people are on their side.
    SEU is stuck once again, in a catch-22. SEU seems to be in a lot of catch-22s recently.
    • Let Tibet go, and the people will rise up against the Party and create a new Government that won't let Tibet go. After all, what sort of Empire lets its territories go? A weak Empire. And the people want SEU to be a strong Empire.
    • The only way to beat the Tibetans is to attack the people of Tibet; but the Tibetan People are SEU citizens. SEU does not attack its citizens. It is against the Socialist Ideology to harm the Socialist People, directly or through inaction.
    The Party launches an analysis program to properly understand Tibet and to think of what to do next, because all the current options either entails a bloody revolution or a massacre.
  17. SEU's 2nd Declaration of War to the Empire of Japan, Excerpt.
    "We are the Celestial Empire, the most culturally developed, most powerful, most advanced, and the greatest Nation on Earth. None is our equal under the sky.
    We are the descendants of Chinese Emperors; Korean Great Kings, Russian Tsars. We hold up the heavens; no God could dare oppose us. What are you to oppress our peoples, to commit innumerable atrocities, to destroy our developed culture, you Island Barbarians?
    "Emperor of Japan".
    Some Emperor. Even the lowliest citizen of the Socialist Eurasian Union is above you. An Emperor of a barbaric, undeveloped "Empire". Your Empire is nothing but a collection motely Islands that is a crude imitation of the True Empire of Humanity. We are that Empire.
    We strive for a Global Communist Society. You seem to strive for hell on Earth. We shall put you in your place, where you belong.
    You shall be defeated."
    This is a pattern with SEU. They are extremely arrogant.
    They believe themselves without equal, and for anyone to suggest that anything is their equal would have them laugh.
    The SEU Government is basically very efficient in internal affairs but is... rather lacking diplomatically.
    9/10: Internal Efficiency.
    6/10: Morality.
    10/10: Devotion to the Nation and the Populace.
    -100/10: Respect for Individual Human Rights.
    8/10: Respect for the Rights of the Collective.
  18. There appears to be a rising consensus that the UBR government is too big and therefore is not really doing anything for itself. A movement has started to break up the UBR, and the movement is much stronger in Poland and the Baltic States than anywhere else. It is unknown if the movement will succeed.
  19. SEU decides that they should be smart about this potential (and likely) UBR collapse; losing Poland would be a large blow for the SEU and might extend Germany's Imperial Ambitions further. The SEU 7th Combined Arms Army, stationed in Belarus has been ordered to move to intercept any German ambitions. The SEU is currently extremely stretched trying to deal with multiple wars, but they probably have the combat capacity to march into Poland. SEU is also raising 2 new Armies, 1 East 1 West, and disbanding all Guards Armies; the Guards Armies have proven less than useless in most scenarios.
    Police will be Police, Soldiers will be Soldiers. No more intermingling. SEU is also funding the Police force with the Guards Army Fundings.
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  20. RUM citizens prepare for their first election. After many months of economic struggle, they hope the new election will bring relief. People hope that expansion on the new nuclear power to smaller villages will help relieve the costs that residents face. Exports have changed to include more oil export than usual, as a reflection of some candidates running for leader that oil will be their "saving grace" from the looming recession.

    The media promotes positive thoughts, even though there are very little in sight. Some candidates promote the need for expansion for nuclear power to ease electrical costs for the smaller villages, while others promote expansion on healthcare for those who live near nuclear plants. Preventative care for possible radiation sickness. The same candidates promote other, probable cleaner sources of energy without creating much waste.

    The people are unclear on who they should support. More details to come as the election gets closer.