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  1. SEU tests its first thermonuclear weapon.
    "Antithesis of God".
    However, the yield is much larger than expected. 20 megatons, in fact. SEU had decided to test it underground, being ever careful. This... turned out to be a very smart decision. Had they tested it in Siberia, hundreds in a faraway village would have suffered many diseases.
    In any case, hiding it underground has done wonders to protect their secrets. At best, the Caliphate knows SEU tested some sort of Nuclear Weapon. SEU's definitely going to make testing weapons in a deep hole standard procedure.
    SEU has decided to try and minaturize this process. It'll take a while, but in the meantime they'll make 5-megaton bombs standard, because delivering Nuclear Bombs is hard.
  2. Thinking that the Soviet Union would back them, the DRC seizes the Civil War in the Caliphate to its advantage; it backs the South Nubian rebels to destabilize the Saudi Caliphate further. They assist Christian and Native Religious rebels.
    SEU has been completely blindsided by the DRC's decision; they weren't anticipating this. However, SEU cannot risk losing its most powerful African ally by refusing to support it. SEU decides to support them, albeit incredibly reluctantly.
    280mm shells slam into Caliphate shore defenses; South Nubian rebels attack Caliphate fortresses. SEU's refitted commerce raiders, back with their 12 280mm-gun layout, fire 300kg shells; they are rather effective because of their sheer number of shells they can fire and decimates shore defense. They get T-34-76 tanks and attack Caliphate defenses.
    Now, SEU doesn't want to be supporting these guys, but they kind of have to. SEU will not risk their 457mm gunned-Battleships that are no longer built for DRC, but they are willing to risk the 280mm-gunned Battleships. SEU still retains the knowledge of how to build all their Naval guns; however SEU still does not want to risk valuable hulls.
  3. The Caliphate announces to the SEU that if they and the DRC do not seize the Caliphate will use Nuclear Warfare.

    The Caliphate has nearly 260 Nuclear Bombs in their arsenal, 2 of which are nearly 1 megaton, 200 which are around 200-500 kt, and the rest which number in the lower range. Ibn Saud is a dangerous man, and he doesn't like anyone messing with him.
    He sends a serious message to the SEU and the DRC:
    Seize your foolishness, your efforts are useless, and you will soon be a useless pile of radioactive dust if you do not forfeit all operations in South Nubia.

    The Caliphate creates the Black Death Standard, a strategy that marks the key areas of destruction by the Caliphate onto the USSR, SEU and their alliances.
    Cities in the target zone:
    • Moscow
    • Minsk
    • Kiev
    • Odessa
    • Leningrad
    • Stalingrad
    • Beijing
    • Seoul
    • Pyongang
    • Shanghai
    • Hong Kong
    • many more...
    The Caliphate has an incredible ease of operation on Guinea, basically having an air base in southern Mauritania, meaning Guinea's naval base would be completely destroyed.
    Kinshasa would also feel the wrath, of course, the Caliphate may have trouble delivering these bombs, because obviously it is very difficult, but over all the end would spell a major city in the SEU, USSR, or DRC completely destroyed.
    Ibn Saud isn't joking. Leave.
    The Nile Convention, a rebel force defending South Nubia tells the DRC and SEU to stop, as they have basic control over the region, minimizing all damage and oppression to the people. They know if South Nubia joins Socialism they will fail, really hard, that's why they pray, regardless of religion for The House of Saud to be exterminated.
  4. SEU knows the Saudi Caliphate cannot possibly strike any of the Eastern Citites; SEU has too strong of Antiair Defenses, Naval projection power and Air cover, but losing the West would be a big deal, and so SEU and DRC backs off. South Nubia joining Socialism would probably be okay, DRC is doing really well.
    The Caliphate, in short cannot possibly get a bomber (attacking the East with naval forces is suicide, flying a bomber into the most heavily fortified cities suicide, and ticking off a very much still-intact SEU and still-intact 300-bomb Nuclear Arsenal suicide) into SEU's power base, the East. However SEU also has nothing to gain by losing its most resource-rich nation. Such an attack would leave them crippled for decades.
  5. Black Sea Coastal cities aren't magically undefeatable, especially for a fleet of B-52s from all sides.
  6. THE EAST.
    Black Sea counts as west.
  7. ah I guess I considered it from the european perspective as East being West russia. But yeah, attacking the east is stupid, the Caliphate will need a couple of ICBMS, other than that, it's useless
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  8. SEU continues to build up its Thermonuclear Arsenal. SEU plans to replace all of their "conventional" Nuclear Weapons with Boosted Fission weapons and Thermonuclear weapons. In addition, SEU has given UBR a Thermonuclear Weapon to play around with and to make their own. In essentials, SEU trusts UBR absolutely and completely. Were UBR to stab SEU in the back, they would be devastated.
    SEU has made the MiG-17 (courtesy of Mikoyan-Gurevich) and turned it into their standard fighter jet, a Gen1+ Jet Fighter. Mikoyan has also been awarded the contract for the future Gen2 Fighter, MiG-19. Sukhoi has been given the contract for the Su-5, a Gen1+ Carrier-Based Jet Fighter.
    SEU has launched a massive farming campaign to feed its population, the annexation of Ukraine has done wonders for SEU's Agricultural output as the Black Soil of the Ukrainian East is the Breadbasket of the Eurasian Socialist Union.
    They plan out the world's first Nuclear Submarine out in deep bunkers. SEU wants to build a Submarine that will transcend the limitations of conventional ones.
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  9. The Caliphate upgrades the AI-4 and A44 Fighter and Attack aircraft and presumes the AI-4 into the role of the standard fighter jet, it has been fitted with upgraded radar and computer mechanics, something the Caliphate has delved well into, computers; now, they upgrade all of their equipment with new computing technologies and firing mechanisms.

    Something isn't right though, Ibn Saud has lost contact with the world, at first he spoke briefly with the parliament, and just left. No messages in sight, something is wrong, but only his most trusted people know.

    Rebel forces know it wasn't their bomb that they planted at his Riyadh Palace. Ashqar Rebels planted multiple tons of TNT which caused the palace to literally shake and cause the top floors to collapse. Unfortunately, Ibn Saud owns literally 20 palaces in every location of the earth, meaning he could be anywhere, and according to rebels under the attack, they secured the area and searched the building, but found no sight of him.

    Something is wrong... really wrong.
  10. SEU is alarmed, to say the least.
    They put their AA Defenses and Fighter Jet Screens on High alert and brace for the fallout of Ibn Saud's vanishing. In addition, SEU moves their alert level up to LEVEL 3, there are 5 levels and 1 is total war and 5 is good times. 4 is normal. 2 is "prepare for Nuclear War".
    In any case, SEU is fast approaching the Caliphate in terms of Missile Technology. Rockets are a whole different matter and the Caliphate still leads in that area.
  11. The X-3 has been developed, a missile capable of nearly 1.4km of accuracy, but a much greater range, it is currently being tested with the capabilities of carrying warheads.

    However, the engineers in the program understand the X-3 is not enough, and that is why the X-4 is in talks. As for warheads, a possible design of nearly 1 megatons is in the works, however, the X-3 is seen as best suited to fit a smaller yielded nuclear warhead, a design almost finished which is at 450 kt. It allows it to be much lighter and cheaper, but the Caliphate is not planning on using it for war practices, as the 1 Megaton W49 would be a much more realistic option in terms of destruction.

    Warhead designs are speeding, and missile plans are increasing, however, the civil war has taken a toll and the money drop has limited the program. Instead of getting a fully functional ICBM by 1953, the date has been shifted to 1955.

    Satellites however... Prototypes for the first satellite are under construction, with multiple designs and theories already planned on the process and computing technologies. The X-3 is able to mount a satellite, however, the X-4 is a much more suitable option.
  12. The Ashqar Rebellion numbers at nearly 150,000 members. Although 75,000 are of the militia and fighting force, the rest are businessmen, engineers, spies, government workers, suppliers, pilots, seamen, basic home workers, and so many more.

    They are basically their own army, specializing in Guerrilla fighting and destroying the enemy through the means of inconventional warfare and hiding. Even a rich Persian in a tuxedo at a parlor could be a top affiliant in Ashqar's army.

    However, even though Ashqar and his rebels are #1 world guerrilla fighters and control the area from Turkey through Kurdistan and to Baghdad, they are being eliminated everyday, with the Masif Corp literally chipping them away by using the "Snuff" tactic by finding them through torture and murdering them and their families, along with destroying all their bases of operations.

    Luckily, the SEU's aid has given them notoriety and power. They wish to arrive to Mecca to retake it, but all routes are heavily guarded. That means, camels, deserts, and walking.

    The great philosophers and minds meet at the conference and it doesn't go as they planned. No major international power recognized them, except for the SEU, which acknowledged the minor Algerian leader and his small cooperation with Ashqar Ayyad. The meeting was insignificant, however, the Caliphate is going to break apart within a few months, and those leaders will be the ones to fill the gaps.
  13. SEU continues to develop Missile technology. Mao Zedong has demanded an equal to the X-3 at the end of the year, and a stronger and better Rocket to keep up with the Caliphate. In response, SEU has created the R-11, a SRBM with performance equal to that of the X-3. The Rocket Scientists worked really hard on this (because Mao really, really wanted a rocket). The Army wants new toys because the Air Force (Missiles and Rockets are the domain of the Air Force) keeps getting all the good stuff. The Air Force is angry that they don't have enough operating budget for what the people up top demand, because Research and Development is hard. The Navy stews that they don't get enough new ships to work with. They don't even have enough money to build UBR-made Corvettes, and that's saying something considering how cheap they are.
    Basically, the Military is underfunded horribly.
    SEU is trying to overhaul its infrastructure. A good portion of SEU's money goes to infrastructure and long-term investments; they plant seeds for the future, courtesy of Mr. Deng Xiaoping. It was started by Rhee Syng-Man (who ultimately was corrupted and removed by the Founder before his old friend could destroy his own reputation and legacy).
    Deng plants seeds for a Socialist Golden Age.
    1. 1950s onwards: SEU does fine, India recovers and stands as a viable rival, Indonesia and SEU has constant conflict.
    2. Early 1960s: Tensions between 3 Socialist Powers.
    3. Late 1960s: Limited Nuclear War for petty reasons. India and SEU gang up on Indonesia and manages to destroy 98% of their Nuclear Arsenal, but India gets a dozen bombs and SEU 6 (Indonesia hated India a lot more than SEU)
    4. Early 1970s: Recovery of SEU and India, détente between two remaining powers (Indonesia is wiped off the map by a barrage of in all 98 Nuclear Weapons).
    5. Late 1970s-Late 1980s: Socialist Golden Age. First zenith of the SEU and USSR.
    6. Late 1980s onwards: IDK, but not pleasant for SEU or the Soviet Union. I don't plan any further than this.
  14. SEU had retired the gulag as a means of punishment. SEU previously had no means of punishing certain types of criminals other than the gulag, but now SEU has abolished it and is converting what can practically be converted (a lot of them are in cold Siberia and food doesn't get there despite the fact that SEU sends them more than enough) into legitimate prisons.
    SEU has 3 types of prisons, seperate from the more short-term jails.
    • Rehabilitative Prison: Most non-violent criminals, minor corruption and manslaughterers go here. The aim is rehabilitation and there are drug addiction help facilities; it is comfortable (if in the cities or suburbs). They really aren't so bad, and it is somewhat like School.
    • Punitive Prison: Murderers, Rapists, Domestic Abusers, Child Abusers, Severely Corrupt officials, the scum of Society. The aim is punishment and it shows with an opressive environment and forced labor. A lot of them are just slightly nicer gulags, and a fair bit converted gulags.
    • Super/Ultramax: Supermax is for the worst of the worst. Terribly violent criminals, very strong ones, manipulative criminals, resourceful criminals, whatever. Ultramax is for the ones with connections and massive resources. There are 2 Ultramax facilities, both in Siberia.
    The Socialist Eurasian Union has rebuilt 99.6% of its Inner City infrastructure to fit World-Class Standards. 92-96% of all Urban Infrastructure to World-Class Standards. Suburban infrastructure is somewhere around 60-70%, Rural (excluding the Belt initiative roads) none at all. Deng Xiaoping has seen the headache that will increase exponentially with time and nipped it at the bud.
    Now, the project is not yet complete. However, it has been slowed down. The 5-year monumental project is not done; indeed, it will take another 5 years to get the Urban infrastructure up to speed, and another 10 years for the Suburban ones.
    SEU has introduced a new project:
    The Great Socialist Project: The stated goal of this project is to spread the ideals of (OOC: Pseudo) Socialism far and wide, and to project the system to all nations so that they may bask in its effectiveness. Now, Socialism is far from ideal, but it has proven incredibly effective in poor and backwards countries, and still somewhat effective in reasonably affluent nations. For this purpose, SEU distributes aid to backwards nations.
  15. Here are some road signs I made. I've used Polish as an example, however it will be different by country and language.

    Also, the max speed for highways has been set at 150km/h, except for in tunnels or bridges over 2km in length, where it is 190km/h. All highways are at about ~50% completion and polders are at ~35% completion.
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  16. The Federation has finished multiple projects including radar housing and food export increase
  17. SEU has made massive deliveries of Coal to many African nations.
    In Rural Areas, SEU has made an effort to replace all Firewood with Briqeuttes, and particularly Yeontan, a Japanese invention. In Urban areas, SEU is making an effort to replace some Yeontan with Oil boilers (Kazakhstan annexation provided 30,000 Billion Barrels of oil) and an experimental fuel source called Natural gas as well as some types of gas coming from oil.
    1. Saudi/Sunayyad Caliphate: 868 Billion Barrels (exporter, for obvious reasons.)
    2. SEU: 138 Billion Barrels (self-sufficient, exporter of oil to USSR bloc nations and feeds all of them their oil. Can't export to anyone else, has hands full trying to make ends meet in themselves first and USSR second)
    3. The Federation: 26 Billion Barrels (self-sufficient, enough to be exporter)
    4. SNE: 9.94 Billion Barrels (self-sufficient, not enough to be exporter. Until 1960 most of oil inaccessible and must import)
    5. UBR: 0.64 Billion Barrels (dependent on SEU but SEU has entrusted far too much in UBR to ever stop exporting oil)
    1. SEU: 194 Billion Tons of Anthracite and Bituminous Coal, 221 Billion tons of Sub-bituminous and Lignite Coal, 415 Billion tons total. (exporter, for obvious reasons)
    The Federation: 6.23 Billion tons of Anthracite and Bituminous Coal, 10.5 Billion tons of Sub-bituminous and Lignite Coal. 16.7 Billion tons total. (exporter)
    SNE: 1.2 Billion tons of Anthracite and Bituminous Coal, 10.2 Billion tons of Sub-bituminous and Lignite Coal, 11.4 Billion tons total (exporter of certain types)
    Caliphate: Negligible (importer but Oil is so cheap everyone just uses oil boilers)
  18. The 3C idea has succeeded in Lublin, so most large cities will be building their own.
    The Danish Referendum on Joining the UBR
    Recently, the Kingdom of Denmark has been warming up to the UBR and have been becoming closer allies. The Kingdom of Denmark has held a referendum to become a member of the UBR. The results were mixed and the turnout was somewhat low, however it was high enough to be a valid referendum.
    JA: 47%
    INGEN: 36%
    ER LIGEGLAD: 17%
    (These translations are probably wrong, please correct me, Otus)
    A temporary department named "Dansk Sammensmeltning" has been established to aid with the merging of Denmark into the UBR. The TCE Ministry already has jurisdiction over roads in Denmark, however there is a long way to go otherwise.
  19. SEU has proposed the creation of the "Soviet Peacekeepers".
    Ostensibly, the Soviet Peacekeepers deploy into areas of war to aid the Civilian populace and to unseat or otherwise defeat excessively violent regimes or factions. For example, the Soviet Peacekeepers could deploy in the event of a Genocide and unseat the brutal regime. Or in excessive famine provide food aid. Now, the Soviet Peacekeepers will not deploy very often; after all they are armed soldiers and no one wants to let in an Army. So the Soviet Peacekeepers will only deploy in areas of extreme instability or where it is deemed acceptable to invade by force and to breach sovereignty in order to stop what's happening.
    Now, this is actually reasonably legitimate. While SEU will make sure that the Hammer and Sickle is plastered well and people know that the USSR/SEU is helping them (because why waste free publicity), this is actually SEU genuinely helping people.

    Now, translate the Russian for whatever region they are deploying in. It's just an example.
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  20. The Federation has started doing massive projects involving the so called "Wrath of God"