[Forum Game/Event] The Codes

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  1. Hello everyone! :)

    Here's a little idea I came across and decided to do so here on EMC.

    How it Goes

    I have been through my post history and hidden 10 codes throughout.
    The codes will be 5 letters long and coloured in red.
    All you have to do, is find them, post a direct link to it as well as the code itself to net yourself 10k :)

    Codes Already Found

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  2. Already found. Wow..
  3. I just put it there for later, it's none yet lol
    *EDIT* What I mean is as codes are found, I'll put them there.
  4. Well, dang.

    I'm almost tempted to enforce a one each rule but I think it's too late for that lol, I'll keep to my word.
  5. Yeah, I think that would be best for the next time you do this :p
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  6. I think you need to find out how nick found them so quickly...
    Does edits show up in recent activity?
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  7. Wow nick...
  8. He has since told me...
    I'll know what to do better next time...
  9. Suggestion, highlight letters in red so people can't just look at the end of a post.
  10. Going to assume that isnt a tribute to yours truly and is coincidentally almost what people tend to call me
  11. That was part of the problem..
  12. Just one last to find :)