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  1. Well as you may know it is 12th anniversary of 9/11 and to remember the people who died their should be a 9/11 special item about Never forget the ones who died on that day.

    I believe there should be a pick that like the Ore buster and such but 9/11 instead.

    Any ideas for this?
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  2. Sounds like a great idea..I think something like an iron ingot or iron block (as steel frames were used for the structure twin towers and steel comes from iron) re-named and re-coloured like gray saying 9/11 then in red saying never forget or something. Something that symbolises this tragic day ~FDNY21
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  3. Why does there have to be item? Why can't we just pray that there families are safe and warm. I don't think anyone should receive an item, we should mourn for the ones we have lost in a tragic event.
  4. So how better to mourn them by a permanent promo item that we can keep forever?
  5. That's like doing charity work or helping the homeless and then getting payed for it. Maybe that's not the best example but I think we should remember the ones we have lost and not have an item for it. Would just be wrong.
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  6. Traditionally with these special items, Aikar normally announces and releases the items a few days or even a week before the day they refer to. If we haven't heard of any items yet, I think we can say that there wont be anything. You should really have made this suggestion about a week ago to have a hope of it getting added.
    I don't quite know what to say about that....

  7. Let me rephrase that...Its just a suggestion, for those that who died, and the families who are still in pain from something that happened such a time ago, that maybe they are not alone, and this promo would remind us to remember. Its only an idea guys...
  8. I don't think an item in a computer game is the best way to remember, myself.
    And yes, it it only an idea, and idea that we are giving our opinions about.
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  9. Yes, I do see where you are coming from. Kind of going off the idea myself I know I can just re-name something of my own to something to do with the day instead, but anyways just wanted to see what others said about it :) We cannot have a promo for every special day or remembrance after all! ~FDNY21
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