Have you gotten griefed? Need help? Click here!

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  1. Hey members of the Empire,

    If you have recently been griefed in the wilderness and need some help then you have found the correct thread. Basically I will help you as much as I can with my rupees. Just start a conversation with me. The title should be formatted like this:

    [GRIEFING][Any other info you want to put here]

    The conversation should/must include the following:

    -A (as detailed as possible) list of items stolen. No need to mention practically worthless items like dirt for example
    -Screenshots of griefed areas and structures(if possible)
    -Number of people who take part in your wilderness base

    Before contacting me when you get griefed, make sure you contact moderators(or add them in the same conversation if you want). Maybe they will be able to find the player that stole from you and get him/her to return your items.

    Add me to a conversation here:

    I do understand there will be a lot of false reports for people just looking to make some free cash. Let me just say this. Are you really so low you will take the money I am trying to use to help others have fun? Are you willing to go that far? Just to make a couple of extra bucks? If so, feel free to do so. You probably won't be caught and will end up with some money that would have gone to helping someone or more re-build their bases. Remember this, do you want to spend the rest of your time on here feeling the guilt of lying? Again, if so, go right ahead.

    Please don't post on here if you are going to say negative things. I am putting in my own rupees and effort to help others. If you are going to suggest something feel free. I am open to everything.

    Donators to the cause:
    Cadgamer101 donated 2,500 rupees!

  2. Thank you for this.
    I am kinda tired of seeing these posts like 'I got griefed' and such.
  3. That's really cool of you man, I'm glad to see a sort of grief recovery
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  4. Free bump for a good cause :)
  5. Why not. Great idea ninja, bumpity bump bump.
  6. My base was just griefed I didn't loose much but my other members did I will direct them here thanks.
  7. Direct them to my link, they might need it.
  8. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Hello Me and a couple of my friends GTWGamer, and 1014Demon. got griefed I lost most of of my things can you help?
  10. Must be some sort of craze going around lol

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  11. Of course I can, just read the original post and follow the instructions. :)
  12. Bump so that recently griefed people can see. :)
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  13. I lost about 3000 beacons, 1 million obsidian, 100 dc of gold and diamond blocks. Wanna refund me for that XD?

    Edit: Calculated it and it costs 249,272,000 rupees :p
  14. good idea! i will be sure to contact you when my outpost gets griefed:D
  15. Lol on faction servers, i would always make a faction called "Defenders"
    Our purpose was to help the greifed.
    Everytime someone would join, that person would greif the base and steal EVERYTHING, calling me a p***.
    I gave up.
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  16. I have an idea.
    Let's found an insurance company.
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  17. This isn't insurance though. I get nothing in return. :)
  18. Oh, please. Ninjaaaaa!! I lost 100 dc's of Quartz, 1 inv. full of 64 Beacons, ∞ stacks of Diamond Blocks, and about 999999k of rupees! Plz help! Here's a cookie so you'll be inspired! *hands over aCookieGod :p*

    Edit: Calculated it and it costs ∞ rupees due to the ∞ stacks of Diamond Blocks :D
  19. I know, but as soon as you're out of rupees and resources ;)
    we can start an insurance company.

    To solve the stealing and griefing problem, think: who profits from it?
    When we cut that profit, we'll solve the problem.
    As in Italy, where the mafia people and families (once caught and convicted) have to pay for everything they have stolen and for damage done, no matter how high prison punishment they (also) get.
  20. I believe insurance companies aren't allowed. Comes under the same principle as the "no banks" rule - too easy to scam by all parties involved and our rupees/chestshop system isn't advanced enough to create things like this effectively. Feel free to check with a mod though, I could be wrong.
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