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  1. As we are now close to only 2 weeks away from release, I thought we could share some of the things that we are most looking forward to in the latest GTA :)

    (As always these trailers are rated M (18+), so don't be shocked at any language you might see in the trailers)

  2. >.< stop reminding me...... I want it be the 16th already :p
  3. 17th? :confused:
    Or do you mean a midnight release on the 16th?
  4. Maybe it's the 17th... that clerk at gamestop told me wrong.. now have wait day more....
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  5. This game just looks too good! :) I really do hope it lives up to my expectations, I've been waiting long enough and so has everyone else!
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  6. i pre-ordered this while ago, the suspense is killing me.
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  7. Yep, this has got to be one of the most anticipated games of 2013, not just GTA fans, but for most gamers.
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  8. I just can't wait to play golf! Anyone with me.. What's that, no. Oh.
  9. I cant wait for this to come out. Ive been waiting long enough! :D
  10. Grand Theft Bump 5! :p
  11. Its a shame I wont be able to get it, I guess ill have to deal with burnout paradise, which has been crashing once every five minutes :p
  12. I never really liked Grand Theft Auto, my mean cousin played it a lot and gave me bad memories. :confused:
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  13. Can't wait for it :D
  14. Oh yeaaa! I preordered this the day I pre ordered ghosts :) cant wait for both these games, especially gta5 :)
  15. Is there a PC version coming out? Or only consoles at the release?
  16. Im excited to play it at my friends house because I only ply GTA there.
    And colored parachutes.
  17. GTA meh...
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  18. This September 17? Only consoles so far.
    A PC version is yet to be confirmed, but it is very likely Rockstar will
  19. I have completely failed to follow the news regarding GTA5, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to get my hands on it once it comes out.
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