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  1. I really wish it was on pc. Ill probably wait tell the last minute to buy it for ps3, its just collecting dust now a days good excuse to get it I guess.
  2. Although it is yet to be confirmed, I can confidently say it will be on PC, just when is the question.
  3. Am i the only one who thinks "Jee-Tav" when I see GTAV?
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  4. Well it was 8 months for GTA 4 to get on PC. My guess is probably the same for 5, or whenever console sales start to drop/flatten out.
  5. Only one week to go bump! Still haven't pre ordered because I haven't been bothered to but I will tomorrow :p
    So it's been announced GTA V cost Rockstar 170 million pounds to make! (which makes it the most expensive game ever made!) Seems like a lot, but they are sure to hell to make that back quickly!

    Also, I've noticed the recent reduced price of current generation consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) games, which is quite nice, as I won't be getting rid of my 360 any time soon. For example, if GTA came out a year ago it would probably be retailed at £45 for pre order, however now you can pre order it from amazon for £35! :)
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  6. Which is why I pre-ordered my copy from there. :)
    The GTAV guide I posted above is also calling my name, but that'll be at a later date.
  7. Just got me the special edition! Since you made this thread iv'e been looking around and the special edition has been sold out. Seen game stop had some more in stock, so I impulsed bought it:eek:
  8. I wonder if CJ will make a cameo, Grove Street Families is in it.
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  10. Grand Theft Auto Retrospective: Complete Collection


  11. do any of you pllay gta on xbox? if you do you should add me, "Bro im infinite"
  12. oh, this made me laugh :)
  13. My GTA has been dispatched this morning :D Excitement level= Over 9000! :p
  14. :eek:
    Mine hasn't. Where did you order from?
  15. Amazon. It may have the slimmest chance ever of arriving of Monday, you never know with royal mail first class :p
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  16. oh, so did I, but I haven't hear anything yet... :(
  17. I thought it was first class, but it's actually royal mail tracked (which is good, because then I can know where it is :cool:) I didn't play extra for delivery though I just clicked on the first class option :)

    Edit- When I go onto royal mails tracking thing, it says it does not exist :confused:
  18. :D
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  19. I know your name now!:p