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  1. erm, yay? :confused:
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  2. Just wanted to point it out, in case you wanted to stay anon, without being lameish.:)
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  3. haha, no worries about that, I've actually mentioned it a few times around.
    I blanked out the more important stuff like the order number and my address though.
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  4. A very important video for those buying the Xbox 360 version.
  5. I don't quite understand why they included it if they don't recommend that you use it? Does it actually have any use? The HDD graphics look no different to me :p
  6. Oh my god...Is it out tomorrow!? I hope my pre-order from amazon arrives early so I can play it as soon as I get home xD ~FDNY21
  7. No, that's not what that meant.
    Basically, the Xbox version will come with two disks.
    Disk 1, the install disk (you have to install this for the game to run, but once you have installed it, you don't need to use it again)
    And disk 2, the play disk (the one you actually play the game on).

    Now, if you go the extra bit, and install disk 2 as well, you get the problems that you saw on the video there.
  8. Okay, I think I get it now :p
    Just to clarify, what they are recommending is;
    Install disk 1 to allow the game to run
    Play using Disk 2, but do not install content?
  9. Yep :)
  10. Are you guys getting it on 360? I am :p ~FDNY21
  11. Yup! :) The 360 is the console of which basically 90% of my friends play :p
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  12. Yep, same with my mates :cool:
  13. I got it for PS3 because i cant afford live atm, my brother got it for his xbox but i wanted to play online so :p
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  14. Hey guys! Have some important questions regarding GTA V

    I pre-ordered my copy two weeks ago. Today (at 1:03pm) I got an email saying the game had been dispatched, and began the way to my local store.

    I chose the standard shipping option (said to take 2-3 days), at no extra cost. However I know that since things posted before noon always arrive next day, there might be a chance.

    It will be shipped over from somewhere in England or Scotland presumably, to my local Xtravision store in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

    Will my copy arrive for tomorrow morning? Or even tomorrow at all??
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  15. That may just be their normal shipping speed, at 2-3 extra days. Since this game is such a huge release, I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you about it coming tomorrow.
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  16. Gutted! Haha sure never ordering from them again anyway. Prayers will be said tonight anyway
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  17. What system do you play video games on (PS3, PC, or Xbox)
  18. PC and Xbox
  19. Got Live?
  20. It comes out tomorrow! I cant wait.

    Going to pick it up at 3, after school.