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  1. Hello EMC,

    It's all well and good talking about where you live,
    but what about showing it?
    Which is why I have come up with this idea;

    The EMC Map

    Here is how (I hope) it will work...

    -Head to this link
    -Put in the location of where you live (roughly) and add it to the map.
    -After a while, once people add to the map, we will be able to see where our users are mostly situated.

    Once you have headed to the link, you will be greeted with this screen;
    You should then be prompted to input a key.
    Type in the key "ICC" to get member access and view the map.

    Once that is done, click "Additions on the top left and then "Add Marker - Detailed"

    You will get to this screen
    Put in as much info as you want for the marker.
    Also, change the marker colour relating to colour in game:
    white (regular members), grey (iron supporters), yellow (gold supporters), light blue (diamond supporters), tree (mods), green (senior staff), purple (admins)

    And that's it, done.

    And also guys, don't worry about any personal details being made public,
    the map is completely private until you put in the key.

  2. I added my location this sounds amazing.
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  3. Added mine :)
  4. Great guys, thanks for the Additions! :)
    I wasn't sure how this would be recieved.
    Just a bit of editing for yours, you forgot to put your Username as the title.

    Also, if a Mod can fix the Spoilers, it would be appreciated.
  5. Added mine as well, cool idea you had there my friend.
  6. I don't know why the spoilers do that sometimes. I will try and fix it though
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  7. Just noticed the posts, you are one wonderful chicken.
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  8. aww, nevermind, I edited the text at the end at it went back,
    now I feel terrible...
  9. I've noticed spoilers and sometimes quotes do this. I've had to edit a post several times before because it kept adding an extra end quote tag at the end of what I was saying and quoting the whole thing.
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  10. I fixed it back! :)
  11. Added mine, only one in Canada so far! :)
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  12. Added my location. Upa Norn Iron bois.
  13. Added mine.

    Tip: Zoom in really, really close, and I chose my exact street :p
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  14. Just before your going to post switch to "BB Code Editor" and check the tags are in the right places that is a guarantee that it will work :)
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  15. So did I! :)

    And guys, lots of edits needed, make sure to title the marker your Username and also the colour to your in game colour.
  16. I'm going gold tomorrow, so should I just put my name as yellow?
  17. I can edit, don't worry.
  18. Interestingly enough the only people to have markers in the US at the moment are on the Eastern Seaboard.
    I'm willing to bet that as the night goes on, we will see the markers starting to go west.
    Although I could be incredibly wrong :p
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  19. I have added mine! this is awesome :3