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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by AltamirDeMarz, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. hey there everyone i just want to ask all of you to tell me what country u were born in and what country u currently live in
    for me i live in hungary and i born here too
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  2. I was born in Jackland. I live inside IcecreamCow's tummy.
  3. Jack is from UK and me too! :D
  4. Im from Wisconsin, USA
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  5. It's a secret.
  6. I was born on Earth. I was taken up to the International Space Station in 2001 on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and I've lived up here ever since. It's a bit cramped, but the view is awesome.
  7. Vermont the second cleanest state in the U.S. born and raised.
  8. Spain, Madrid :)
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  9. Where I was born is not important, but I now reside in Fabletown.
  10. Born and live in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  11. Explica tu nombre... O:

    -explains your name... O:

  12. i was born in Germany.
    now i live in the United States of America.

    ich spreche flie├čend deutsch auch :)
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  13. I was born in Turkey. :)
    But I moved to Denmark as a child so I live in Denmark now :)
    I plan on moving back withing few years tho. :)
  14. Texas, United States of America :D
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  15. Born and live in Canada.
  16. I was born In OakRidge, Tennessee, USA. Still live here today only about 10 miles east. When I was born it looked something like this....
    2 Tons of pure death at your service is what they told my mom.
    (If you did not know, OakRidge is where they make nuclear bombs for the USA. The first nuke ever was made there so...)
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  17. I live in a pineapple under the sea.
  18. he lives in LA, USA...

    im in SF, USA
  19. Born in liverpool in england now live in ireland
    No, I don't enjoy dumping tea into random harbors ;)