The Day One: Garry's Incident Incident

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  1. *Some mild language in this video*

    For those of you that haven't kept up to date with it, I recommend you go to the links above, but I'll give you the TL;DR here.

    The developer of the game, WildGamesStudio, sent a review code of the game to TotalBiscuit, a prominent and well known YouTube critic. He then made a video review of the game in which he was critical of the game, which is to be expected. A few days ago, his video was taken down due to an automatic copyright claim by the developer, despite the developer giving them a code to the game.

    The story goes that the video was targeted due to it being overly critical of the game and also because it was the highest rated video on YouTube about the game.

    I'm posting this here simply because it honestly did open my eyes about censorship of content on the internet and also the amount of power that developers have over videos made about their games, and I feel it needs to be shared.

  2. NerdCubed made a video the other day about this. If you didn't know, he has string views on censorship etc. :p

    But yeah, this is just stupid of the developers...
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  3. It was Nerdcubed's video that alerted me to this in the first place :)
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  4. I saw this earlier today, I'm hoping that game fails before it even fully releases.
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