[Forum game] "Empire Minecraft is...."

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  1. Empire is

    Where I can have more friends then i do irl
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  2. EMC is...

    Just totally awesome.

    (yes, I am highly biased :D)
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  3. Empire Minecraft is.... sometimes being lost for words ;)

    This was meant for me, but I felt like sharing. Also because everyone who would come into my residence could see this anyway. Shiyvah is a very dear friend to me who is opening up her banner shop. I suppose I'm the test subject of some sort ;)
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  4. Empire Minecraft is... a great excuse to go to bed later! :D
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  5. EMC is...

    helping out with education (please don't take this too seriously)

    Seriously, go to bed already young man. You got school tomorrow! :D

    (it is kinda late (or early) at the time of writing) :p


    PS: Sorry Tom, I so couldn't resist :)
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  6. EMC is... actually helping out with education! I've learned a very big part of my English on EMC, and, I actually like to go as far as to think that without EMC I wouldn't have gone to my current school, but one that doesn't teach as much, and doesn't provide as many options "for later on in ze life".

    I've been in bed for the last two and a half hours... making homework... :p Though I'll go to sleep now :p Also, yes, I've got school tomorrow, but also today. ;)
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  7. Empire Minecraft is...

    A Minecraft server
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  8. The Empire is
    The first real Minecraft community I got to know more personally, even if I'm not on as much lately.
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  9. EMC is...

    A great community. :)
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  10. Tom, siriously, 4 o'clock ? I know you're usually up at 7 o'clock, only three hours of sleep? I know I'm sleeping absurdly much, but this? I mean, I'm always going to bad erly, since my favourite dream starts at 10 o'clock... (I'm sleeping 5 hours a day and 10 a night) annyways, I just had to post some puns...
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  11. The clock lied lol
  12. EMC is... Sometimes about failing :confused:

    Aya & me set up a small "treasure hunt" in the wastes of SMP1 to SMP5 but it seems few people are interested in that. Only SMP2's own WuerdGirl hunted down all treasures there :)

    SO today I'm going to retrieve those blocks again and we'll have another prize round here to reward original entries :)
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  13. When was this? Never heard anything about the event.
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  14. Oooooh exposed

    next time on

    dragon ball z
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  15. Here is the thread about it :)
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  16. EMC is...

    A beautiful mess near every wild outpost but beautiful build beyond that.
  17. More winners!

    Shelly gave me stuff 2 give away 4 game, "all u have 2 do is find good entries", lol. so now 1 hour later... :confused:

    Summer_Rainbow wins gold block. Is true: EMC can be an nice escape.
    Kytula wins sponge 4 using fun & true quote!
    Hashhog wins vault voucher, was a really funny post & creative! ^.^
    Jelle68 wins redstone block, 4 funny post ^.^
    Dufne wins gold block, post is true 2: small things matter!
    rburke5786 wins emerald block, is cool 2 play with family!

    imma mail prizes right now, be sure 2 check ur mail!

    Empire Minecraft is...

    getting expensive, lol! :D
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  18. Are you telling me... I actually won something? Without actually knowing I'd be entering in a contest of sorts? Go me! \o/ Thanks aya!! :D

    Empire Minecraft is a place where the players around you can surprise you most..! ;)
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  19. A fun server to play on with a friendly, welcoming environment.

    Also #100th thing on this post! XD (sorry)
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  20. No need, because you know what?

    Empire Minecraft is...

    ...Sometimes about setting (or breaking) records :D
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