[Forum game] "Empire Minecraft is...."

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  1. What does Empire Minecraft mean to you? Here's the challenge (esp. for me!): no essays allowed, only a one liner will be acknowledged. Also (lets be honest): positive and negative comments allowed here. Remember: this is a game, not a discussion thread. If someone placed a negative comment which you don't agree with why not share a positive one?

    My aim is an outlet. Sometimes you just want to cry out how good or bad EMC is (well, maybe I'm alone here, we'll see) and this is a good place to start!


    Who said anything about prizes,this is a forum game you dignabbit :p

    Abbreviations are also allowed ;)

    So... I suppose I should start.

    EMC is...

    .. something which makes me lose some serious sleep :)
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  2. EMC is..

    something which causes me to waste lots of time on this block game and I love it
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  3. EMC is...

    A place I can go to have fun when I'm bored.
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  4. EMC is...

    awesome! :D
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  5. EMC is...

    ...a second family for me.
  6. EMC is..

    a place that I stumbled upon years ago that started off being an innocent way to play Minecraft but soon became a dangerously huge sucker of my life and all the time that said life contains; it is now a place that I stalk in limbo and occasionally exhibit a plethora of my brain-dead antics :)
  7. EMC is...
    A server on a game full of blocks that I don't play that much but I browse on the fan-freaking-tastic forums that occupy my life.
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  8. EMC is a friend and a tutor in one.
  9. EMC is a place where I can go to talk and play with friends, share creativity with others and ask others for advice!
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  10. EMC is...

    A place in which a bunch of nerds gather to play Minecraft.
  11. EMC is...
    a place I like to escape to
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  12. EMC is a place that my friend introduced me to and I stuck around way too long (on the forums at least) to leave with him.
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  13. EMC is...
    A family that never gives up on being fun for everyone! :D
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  14. EMC is...

    A place where u can make ur fantasies come true ^.^
  15. EMC is fun and reminds me of a wet napkin
  16. EMC is a minecraft server
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  17. EMC IS
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  18. EMC is...

    Empire Minecraft ;)
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  19. EMC is...

    a place I like to escape from
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  20. EMC Is...

    The Next Mineplex, minus the mineplex community and hackers.