[Forum game] "Empire Minecraft is...."

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  1. EMC is....

    server where players go to events 2 win prizes.. and 2 give some away themselves ^.^
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  2. EMC is...

    Alt driven and largely based on policy.
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  3. EMC is...
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  4. EMC is...

    Find out next year on EMC news :)
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  5. EMC IS...

    Another Home For Me When I Need To Escape My Problems In The Real World
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  6. EMC IS LIFE :cool:
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  7. EMC is....

    That blank canvas, unopened book, anythings possible, "I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging," bustling bazaar.

    *10 points to who can guess where the quote is from ~_^
  8. EMC is...

    Something I often look forward to on playing during the day!
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  9. Empire Minecraft is....

    A server where you build things and blow things up too. lol
  10. EMC is...

    "the branch of electrical engineering concerned with the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy which may cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or even physical damage in operational equipment."

    Okay, okay, a real one. EMC is... a place where people can let themselves go.
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  11. EMC is...
    A place where I spend 98.83% of my time awake.
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  12. EMC is...

    Just make it stop, I need my sleep already! :D
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  13. Ok, I cheated up there :p

    EMC is....

    A forum where the alerts sometimes never stop ;)
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  14. EMC is...

    Where building projects are never truly finished.. >_< lol
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  15. EMC is...
    a place where people can talk for four pages about what emc is :)
  16. EMC is...

    A place suited for all ages and a place that my mom and I stumbled upon on TopG.org, now both mom and I play on EMC and we plan on staying! :D
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  17. Emc is..
    A thing I play and if you DONT LIKE IT ILL KILL U.
  18. Empire minecraft is a place where sometimes the small things players do matter the most :)
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  19. Empire Minecraft is a minecraft server originally founded by JustinGuy, in the beta versions of minecraft, with a town area and a wilderness area. The wastelands were added at a later date.
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