[FORUM GAME] Corrupt a Wish!

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  1. Sorry but where is the down side to this lol I would call trapped in my own home by strawberries a huge win!!! :)
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  2. Wish granted, but after you finish your work you will be incredibly bored until your deadline is finished.

    I wish Cliff Burton could come back from the dead
  3. Wish granted but he suddenly turns into a zombie and chaos ensues.

    I wish to know the mysteries of the universe.
  4. Oh?
    You know so much. Poor fool. Too bad that knowing it all would require your brain to grow to a huge size. And in trying to grow the brain, the rest of the body shrunk until you died.
    I wish to humiliate a certain Japanese shrine and burn it to the ground. I won't say which, but it is very disrespectful and its very existence is a insult to the people of Asia.
  5. Oh really fool? Poor you, you may burn it down, but it will also catch ablaze a large portion of a nearby forest and eradicate many species.

    I wish I could post videos on instagram again
  6. #worthit
    The destruction of a forest and the eradication of many species is nothing compared to the ideological satisfaction it brings me. And it's Japan's problem, so that's just icing on the cake! More punishment for the unrepentant! Otus, you just enhanced my wish!
    The very next day, Facebook Inc. goes bankrupt, taking Instagram with it.
    I wish for Fallout to be real, and for myself to be Robert Edwin House.
  7. Granted! You are now Robert Edwin House in the Fallout. The problem with this is that you take over the existing Robert, so everyone thinks you've gone crazy and banish you to the wasteland.

    I wish I had a good sleep schedule so I'm not tired during the day.
  8. Wish Granted, but you are now always late for work, school and important activities

    I wish discord would actually work properly.
  9. Discord goes bankrupt the next day.
    I wish for nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  10. Wish granted! Everything in existence doesn't exist anymore! There is absolutely nothing everywhere now.

    I wish to become a famous artist.
  11. Wish Granted... Your art then somehow gets a review that's so critical that you work endlessly forever to make that person appeased but the person won't ever be appeased.

    I wish that I become the king of Halloween.
  12. Wish Granted, but you become the Queen of Christmas, then, you become the scum of Valentine's day.

    I wish for a personal genie.
  13. Wish granted, but said genie is secretly this thread in disguise and therefore corrupts all your wishes :p

    Edit: forgot my wish hehe

    I wish it would not be cloudy at night anymore so I could look at the stars every night.
  14. As a direct result, farming becomes much more difficult worldwide and you starve.
    I wish to see everything, forever.
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  15. Wish granted, however, you now see a constant blur of images that causes you to go slowly insane as your sanity slowly melts away from all the terrible truths you see.

    I wish I could meet a dragon.
  16. You meet a dragon but like all dragons are famous for, he pretends to be your friend for a few days, then he steals all of your gold, never to be seen again.

    I wish I got all A's in my classes
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  17. wish granted... but.... no one wants to get an A any more "dude how 2000 are you?" NOW F's are the thing every collage is looking for!

    I wish I was not eating cake right now?
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  18. Wish granted but to your dismay you somehow get a impossible craving for cake as a negative effect.

    I wish I could look into my past dreams and relive them.
  19. than you relive a nightmare and die of fright

    i wish i could be a whale
  20. Congrats! You are a whale. But you are now Seaworld's newest attraction, and you have to perform for humans and are in a tank 24/7.

    I wish I had a pet cheetah.