[FORUM GAME] Corrupt a Wish!

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  1. It's exactly as is sounds :D You get to make a wish, but first, you have to grant the wish of the poster above you. Except, the wish doesn't go quite like they'd hoped.


    The wisher: I wish I could fly!

    The Corrupter: You get to fly, but only for 30 seconds, then you plummet to the ground and break your leg.

    I'll get things started:

    I wish I had 100 million dollars!
  2. A fool and his money do not last long, you invest it in the stocks and lose it all the next day.

    I wish to have some Pizza
  3. Whilist making your pizza, the Sauce you were making Bubbles, it splatters all pver your face and you suffer 2nd degree burns

    I wish I was a Grasshopper
  4. Granted, I step on you.

    I wish for this wish to not be corrupted.
  5. Your wish became corrupted anyway

    I wish I could die
  6. Moments before you splat on the ground, you are saved by a truck full of pillows

    I wish I could become a Moth Based Superhero
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  7. A moth hating human comes over and hits you with a newspaper

    I wish I had an Audi quattro *lets see how this one goes... picture of one in my sig and my avatar if you wanted to know* :p
  8. The car crushes you. R.I.P. NUB

    I wish this wish can be corrupted
  9. Denied.

    I wish to be invisible
  10. You may be invisible for three days, however, you must wear a giant caterpillar outfit for the rest of your life.

    I wish to have infinite pizza rolls.
  11. You cause a paradox and the world explodes.

    You get a heart attack and die.

    I wish to have every stone slab ever.
  12. Stone slabs get revenge on you

    I wish to be in the Red Team of UHC <3
  13. You are allowed to be on the Red Team just you will always be on the bench.

    I hope I will be a clown in the future
  14. You join the Red Team, but UHC is immediately cancelled forever XD


    You become a clown, but all children are afraid of you.

    I wish I had a bunch of cookies right now!
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  15. You get your cookies but then Cookie Monster comes and steal 'em all and eat 'em before your own eyes!

    I wish I could travel around the world.
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  16. Your car breaks down 12 hours into your trip, forcing you to walk.

    I wish Half Life 3 will come out.
  17. It comes out but with microtransactions everywhere

    I wish I had a pet cat
  18. Half-LifeĀ³ Comes out, but Gabe Newell dies and Eletronic Arts takes up Valve... Microtransactions and paywalls are introduced on Half-LifeĀ³


    I wish I could go to the moon!
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  19. You get to the moon but have no way back.
    I wish I wasnt fluffy.
  20. It does, but it costs $1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars.

    I wish for Minecraft: Story Mode part 2 to come out.