[FORUM GAME] Corrupt a Wish!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by DeathPunchKitty, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Wish granted, but all the cats and dogs that cause allergies die

    I wish I could pull infinite money out of my pocket
  2. Wish granted, but your pockets are so heavy no belt can keep them from falling down.

    I wish the sky was green.
  3. Wish Granted, but every source of water will be green aswell..

    I wish I could remove all evil from this world
  4. Your wish was granted, but just before that, the definition of the word "evil" was changed to be a synonym of "happiness". ;)

    I wish that no one on earth will have true hunger anymore.
  5. Wish granted, but everything turns into food which goes bad within the next few days.

    I wish for more chocolate milk :p
  6. you now throw-up the chocolate milk you drank earlier and now have "more chocolate milk"

    I wish for a family!
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  7. Wish Granted, but the family you wished for is built up of people you dislike

    I wish my keyboard key was fixed
  8. Your keyboard key has been fixed, but in the process the wire connecting it to your computer was accidentally cut off irreplaceably. :p

    I wish that I would never get tired again and would therefore never need to sleep again.
  9. EDIT: Ninja'd

    Wish granted, but you will always be excited / hyper 24/7.

    I wish I could have more free time... *sigh*
  10. Wish granted, you have been expelled from school, giving you lots of free time!

    I wish I could have better self discipline to control how much time I spend on things, so that I can do more things in a day ;)
  11. Wish granted, but now you have nothing to do as you have been teleported to outer space!

    I wish I hadn't accidentally broken a beaker in organic chemistry class the other day... :oops:
  12. Wish granted, but you will fail your next chemistry test

    I wish I could rip up my textbooks
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  13. The mental satisfaction from ripping up the textbooks (somehow) twists itself into a mental illness. Congratulations.

    I wish to become YHWH.
  14. Wish granted, but for everything you change on this world, whether it be good or bad, 1,000,000 random people will die

    I wish I could have long hair
  15. That’s a great deal!
    I’d go off making a utopia, a couple hundred million people be damned!
    (You do realize I am serious?)
  16. Wish granted, but your hair now grows so fast that you have to go get your hair cut three times a day to prevent it from getting absolutely everywhere :p

    I wish I could have a super fast spaceship that could take me to different star systems.
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  17. Your ship was built with a large, conspicuous hydrogen balloon that is many times larger than the ship itself, for no apparent reason.
    Its name is the Hindenburg II. Gosh and golly gee! I wonder why that would be the name?
    I wish for the ability to defy the Strong Force whenever I like, on whatever I like.
  18. wish granted but you become more susceptible to the weak force so when you are not defying the strong force there are 2 forces working on you!

    I wish to have year round strawberries that I never get sick of eating and are really good for me, while living in the same place I am now!
  19. Wish granted, but you get so many strawberries that your house is buried in them, preventing you from leaving.

    I wish I could stop procrastinating :p
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