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  1. Do you find yourself looking for someone to cuddle? For someone who you can share things with?
    Then this is THE place for you!

    Me, Matchmaker Roarings, will hook yall up with the man/woman of your dreams! I will calculate this based on what fits together! So if you are reading this with a wide smile, Take the time to fill out this quick form and make dreams come true!

    - Name (In game and real name if youre comfortable )
    - Favourite thing to do on EMC
    - A quick biography of YOU
    - A quick biography of your DREAM MATCH

    Please comment the form and ill take note of it! ( Dont msg it please )

    * Disclaimer ; This isnt too serious its just a fun idea and a way to get to know one another! Xx

    Will be picking out matches when there is about 10 people who signed up! Xx
  2. Lets sign myself up why dont I!

    - Roarings & Emme
    - Breed horses & Build !
    - I am a 14 year old girl and I like to ride horses in race and really everywhere, I breed them and keep them. I stand up for pretty much anyone and I LOVE building medieval style houses! Im planning on making a bulk company but first I should stock! :)
    - I want someone who treats me the same and is funny, Who will be there for me and who wont judge me for whatever I do.

    <3 Xx
  3. Okay... I'm not sure if everyone will appreciate this, but I think it isn't likely to cause any bad and may be kind of interesting. :p

    My name's 607. IRL, I often use the name that was given to me at birth instead, but I don't use it on forums and in games. It's been hinted at three times in my posts across these forums, though.

    My favourite thing to do on EMC is talking to people. Preferably one on one, but it can also be really fun to be with a small group.

    At the moment about 17.5 years have passed since my birth. I was born in Nieuwegein, Utrecht, the Netherlands, but moved to Heerenveen, Frisia, the Netherlands, when I was about 10 years old. My sex is male, my gender probably is too. I don't care too much about that, though.
    I've been diagnosed with PDD-NOS, and I'm very sensitive for both senses and emotions. That makes it so that I get tired very quickly, and it's very hard for me to be with large groups of people. Lately, though, there have been some great improvements in my life, and I've actually gained quite some social skills. Most people still find me a bit different, but they do think I'm social and friendly, which is something that you'd not often say of somebody diagnosed with PDD-NOS. (for those who don't know: it's a form of autism)
    I try to follow Jesus Christ, as he's amazing, and knows best what's good for me.
    Okay, that's enough for a quick biography, I suppose. If you think it's a bit on the long side you probably don't know how I usually write. :p

    My dream match... how could I know? :p
    I suppose I could think of what the favourite people in my life at the moment have in common...
    Ah, this is hard, though. :p
    I'd like to find somebody who's wanting to follow Jesus, as most of my friends don't seem to be at the moment. (that might be me, though, but you know what I mean if you know what I mean)
    And further... Most of my friends are female, but I've got some great male friends too, so gender shouldn't really matter.
    You know what? I don't care too much. Because I could mention some things that are important for me, like values and such, but say I'd get matched up with somebody who has a trait I find bad/unhealthy: Perhaps I can help them change it!
    And shared hobbies isn't too big of a deal either, as I myself have a huge love for computers and gaming, but Lanata, arguably my best friend at the moment, doesn't really feel much for computer stuff. It isn't a problem at all, though...
    I mean, for cuddling and sharing things, the only shared hobbies necessary are cuddling and sharing things, right? ;)

    Well... That's it!
    How did I do? :rolleyes:
  4. Thank you so much for entering and really I dont think anyone would find this ''annoying'' since its just to get to know each other x'D! Lovely Biography <3 :)
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  5. Lol why not :p

    - Name- Lil_Emo_Cat ( Lil_Spartan_Cat, Lordess_Spartan or whatever u call me :p )

    - Favourite thing to do on EMC- Help PWU, Build new things, make my cat army bigger, and talk to people

    - A quick biography of YOU- I am a 12.5 year old girl. I love cats and video games <3 I am a big time gamer, the longest I have played my laptop was for 17 hours straight. I like history especially stuff about Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. I love to write stories, especially fantasy ones or fanfiction. I play a lot of soccer and im really fast! My favorite movies are Narnia. My favorite books are Warrior Cats and FoxCraft. My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who, Shugo Chara, Avatar The Last Airbender, The Legend Of Korra, Fruits Basket, and much more :p I love anime shows and i like to draw anime. I have slaves ( in game XD not irl ). I am quite goth irl, I wear a lot of black and thats about the only color in my wardrobe and I dont cry over deaths even if there really sad.. . I kind of have my own religion, idk what to call it but I believe when you die you will become your spirit animal and roam the earth again and when you die as your spirit animal you will be reborn as a new baby human. People who do not believe in this when they die they go/do whatever they believe in, ex: If you believe in heaven and hell and you think that you will go to heaven you will go there. ex #2: If you believe you will be reborn as an animal you will be reborn as an animal. Now out of religion stuff :p, I dont have many friends irl as in 1 friend and im leaving him behind in another state and school ;-; And there is much more stuff but there u go :p

    - A quick biography of your DREAM MATCH - hmm, idk what to expect of my dream match but he would love cats and stand up for what he believes. He would like history especially when it comes to Greece and mythology. He would be kind but a little rude XD. He would like the color black and He accepts me for who I am. He feels confident around me and also makes me laugh. Idk what else, so thats it..

    EDIT: I forgot something in here I HAATTTEEE Dogs and they must to XD
  6. And "he" would be male, apparently? ;)
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  7. I'm so tempted to fill one out for the lols but if you see where I'm going with this, I'd get put on mod review/forum banned instantly.
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  8. im confused why would you be banned?
  9. aayyyyy send nudez bby

    My name is SoulPunisher. That sounds like I want to kill people though, so I'll roll with my real name: Jamie.

    I like to run around aimlessly and snoop into random conversations in town and force people into PMs when I make it uncomfortable for them.

    I live in England with my Welsh-(Northern?) Irish mother who has relatives in Greece and Australia, my English-Spanish father, and my three siblings. My closest friends live in England, Wales, Australia, Germany (although one of these friends is Kurdish, the other - who is arguably my best internet friend - is Serbian, and they both hate Germany with a passion... so... :rolleyes:) and I'll often spend hours on end talking to them.

    I hate my birthplace and country with a passion that burns very bright, although I'll probably be the first one to jump at you if you slander either of them in some way. I want to move away sometime soon, although I'm 16 years old so that's only probably going to be realistically feasible at the tail end of the next decade.

    I want a big snarling wolf tattoo on my left bicep, with a dragon wrapped around the forearm. I want my dog's head tattooed on my right hand's thumb, and if I ever have kids I'd want their names and birthdates written on my right arm's bicep - probably alongside my significant other's name too. Right forearm can have some stuff on it at some point I guess. Yeah, I like love tattoos.

    Since religious allegiance seems pretty important to some people, I'm just gonna throw it out there that I'm an agnostic-atheist; I don't believe in a God but I don't believe I know that for certain. I won't waste my time trying to give an argument to prove or disprove one's existence and I honestly couldn't care what you believe, as long as you don't try to rub it in my face or tell me I'm going to Hell, I'm good. Saying that; if I was in love with someone and they wanted to get married but I had to change to another branch of Christianity to do that (other religions may require me to change my name or something and then some members of my family would hate me since they're Irish and Spanish and Catholic and screw that lol), I'd do it - and if my life goes how I currently want it to go, I'll probably end up doing this lol.

    Favourite music artists include Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Imagine Dragons and The Killers. I like Halsey and Melanie Martinez also, as well as a bunch of random stuff from the 80s my parents raised me on. Guilty music pleasures include Zayn and like, one One Direction song... only one person has ever seen me listening to those though, and she's the one who made me even begin to listen to those.

    Favourite movies include Godzilla, Suicide Squad, other stuff I can't remember because I don't watch those often lol.

    Favourite games are Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Fallout: New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, GTA: Vice City, Team Fortress 2, BioShock, and a bunch of others that I can't put here because the list would be huge.

    Enough about me; onto what I need from my dream match. So basically, you need: green eyes, black hair, an Eastern or Central European accent, a pretty laugh that I can hear often and you need to be small so I can make fun of your height and boast about my 6'0ness - I would melt over a girl like that. Also you have to understand my jokes and laugh at them even though I'm not funny. You have to come to me for emotional support so I feel better about myself (okay, jokes. It does make me feel better about myself in a 'wow I just helped someone' way, but people will often come to me with this stuff so I'm good at helping I guess - putting that there in case anyone I know who comes to me for that stuff sees this and thinks 'wow what an asshole'). You also have to make me laugh and be funny and make me feel appreciated. I know a girl exactly like this already and she's my friend, but if you could hook me up I'd get you a spot in Flying Spaghetti Monster heaven... :rolleyes:

    Also you'll have to tolerate my discalculia. I got diagnosed with it when I was 12 but everyone knew it for years before that. I can't do maths very well, like, at all. I was hyped about my F Grade in GCSE maths because I'd been getting Us and Es for 2 years and an F was higher than they ever expected me to get lol.

    I like how this isn't even remotely close to a dating profile, it's just a thing about myself lol.

    Match away bois.
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  10. ima just do it bc it cant hurt so here it irl name is Spencer i'm 14 i'm like 5 foot 9 inches-ish i think:p i'm blonde haired bright blue eyed. I like to do a variety of things on emc for example pvp, projects, building, buying/selling, collecting, etc. I like to play sports and video games. I also like to make people laugh so i try to be a jokester. ive got ADHD so i can be hyper at times and i either am really focused on something or i'm completely distracted but this has gotten better as i get older. im also very emotional at times who knows why lol. I like animals as well if you didn't notice by my profile picture. there's probably stuff im forgetting but this will have to do for now.

    my dream girl hmm im not 100% sure but ig ill find out soon enough lol
    (edit)i also like to mess with computers and other technology for fun
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  11. Go on EMC. /p Dr_Chocolate
  12. i see why r u using illegal mods if u dont want to be banned then
  13. PM me if you want an answer. Don't pollute threads with this.
  14. - Name : SkareCboi
    - Favourite thing to do on EMC: AFK farming
    - A quick biography of YOU: I build farms yo!
    - A quick biography of your DREAM MATCH: Must have farm building skillz
  15. hi bby i grew up in an area full of farms
    my gr8 gdad ownd a farm in wales also
    i have natural talent
    wots ur kik
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  16. If you gotta ask then you ain't looking hard enough
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  17. It's like reading youtube comments
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  18. Am I trying hard enough now?

    I was thinking more along the lines of your average Omegle chat.

    Although saying that the one time I've been asked for a Kik name was an hour into this amazing conversation and I made the account specificially to talk to them lol
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  19. Name: ShelLuser, IRL: Peter.
    Favorite thing to do on EMC: Tease AyanamiKun with my greet: HAyanamiKun! :D
    My biography: It's me, ShelLuser!! (I know how arrogant that sounds.. oh dear.. :eek:)
    Dream match biography: For some reason I get along pretty well with players who came online after 299 thousand players went before them. I hope this helps, I'm very insecure and all :p
  20. Dang i look good. =P
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