[FEEDBACK] New Supporter Page is LIVE!

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  1. We just launched the redesigned supporter page! Check it out!

    The new design gives better focus on the perks, instead of the boring table look. This design gives us better flexibility to list perks and not worry about "adding perks is making it so long".

    Any suggestions?
    Also - Remember we have a contest to design new images for this new page! the current ones are place holders.

    Contest participates - please use the new page as a design basis :)

    Oh and important news!
    You can now subscribe at multiple month intervals at a discount! Please note this is new for us, so there might be bugs, but we will ensure you get what you purchased and get anything that goes wrong resolved.
  2. Yes looks awesome

    First ever First !!
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  3. Oh I totally forgot about the new ability - You can now subscribe for more than 1 month at a time.
  4. Coolio! :) Interesting new little update.
  5. I really like the new layout. It's a lot more informative in my opinion. Thank you!
  6. Awesome! I like this one a Lot better. So, the player who wins the supporter logos will get their picture put there?
  7. Is it no longer possible to buy iron supporter for one month? That is... disappointing, because I can't make a three-month commitment to iron. (Diamond may take its place when I feel it's needed.)

    And, I do have a question regarding the new long-term supporter options. Is it only possible to get discounts if the package itself is bought? For instance, if I buy a reoccurring Diamond subcription and have it active for 5 months, is the 6th month free?

    And are the long-term packages reoccurring, or do they have to be repurchased manually every 3/6 months?

    The new page looks great, though. :)
  8. Iron 1 month is hidden because you're already an Iron Supporter. It hides lesser/equal buttons of your rank.

    And yes, you can only get the discount if you buy the new package and pay 1 lump sum. If you pay monthly, your 6th month will not be free.

    These are new PayPal Subscriptions where PayPal knows to bill you at 3/6 month intervals instead of monthly.
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  9. Woot woot! FINALLY =)

    Now we just need some awesome community-made graphics to fill in the page (instead of my random google mash-up ones). I wonder who will win?
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  10. I saw a small error viewing the new supporter page, with the Vault Page limit section.

    • 5 Vault Page Limit - Buy as much as you need!
    "Buy as much as you need!" should be changed to "Buy up to 5 Vault Pages!"

    • 5 Vault Page Limit - Buy up to 5 Vault Pages!
    Same with Gold and Diamond.
    I know five as an Iron supporter is not "as much as I need". :D

    Another small change needed.

    • 1 Residence - You will not be able to have multiple homes.
    This is incorrect, if a "free player" had Supporter before they still hold their residences they had claimed during their supportership, so I suggest the following edit.

    • 1 Residence - You will not be able to have multiple homes, unless you have residences from prior supportership.
  11. I think the design is pretty awesome, but for me, I find it a bit more difficult to read the perks of each group o~o especially when comparing. Doubt anyone else really cares, but I liked the old list, because it was easy to compare which upgrade had what :p
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  12. Oh well, one post won't hurt and this is somewhat important :)

    The page looks awesome, I definitely agree that dividing this into package sections makes it easier to read, and easier to concentrate on what you might want to grab.

    I do have some comments / suggestions. Please note; these are simply first glance.

    • 50 Vault Page Limit - Buy as much as you need!
    We know what can be bought here, but does a new player realize this as well? I'd suggest: "Buy as much pages as you need!" to make it obvious that this is about buying pages and not about other stuff to put in the vault.

    "Free players have an uncolored white name. Near every feature is available to Free players but with low limits."

    Not 100% sure but shouldn't that say "Nearly every feature"?

    • No Utopia Access - Only for Gold and Diamond Supporters
    This is a difficult one, because you obviously want to make Utopia look as appealing as possible. But 'no access' could imply that regular players cannot connect to Utopia. However, if they visit the Utopia wiki page, which is also linked on the supporters page, then they will suddenly read:

    "Utopia is a server geared mainly towards Gold and Diamond supporters, however, all players are able to connect and play."

    I'm a little worried that some people might pick this up as inconsistent information.

    Perhaps: "No full Utopia access" could cover it? This would clearly imply that they have limited access, but not full. And Utopia is after all best enjoyed in full.

    Just my 2 first glance cents.

    But I fully agree that the page looks much better than it did before. It's definitely more appealing!
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  13. Agreed, I think a side-by-side list of each rank's benefits would be easier to read and determine which one you want. Maybe at the top or bottom a list could be created but only contain benefits that are allowed as you go up the Supporter Latter.
  14. Just a comment, you probably know this but still... Do be very careful where you pick certain images from, esp. when using them in a commercial fashion. There are websites out there which do nothing but provide images and dump them as much as possible onto Google (and others) while still making sure that all images are watermarked and are kept licensed. Thus they provide them more or less as example images but don't allow for semi-commercial usage. It's basically a trick into baiting people to download & use those pictures while in fact all they're after is getting a means to sue people / companies for copyright infriction.

    Not claiming that this is the case here, but "using pictures from Google" always rings an alarmbell with me.
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  15. I noticed this as well while viewing the new supporter page, I feel a better "feature listing" under the Free Player rank would be

    • You can visit Utopia but can not go into the Wastelands/Frontier until you purchase Gold or Diamond Supporter.

  16. I'll rework vault parts.
    Yeah... I'm not the best with Grammar/English semantics like that :p I'll change.
    Do a Shift + Refresh on page cause I reworded the Utopia stuff shortly after launch.
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  17. Yeah that's why I was limited =P I've been working with image searches for a long time. Seems every job I have has some sort of martketing to it that I end up helping with.

    I'm not too great with blender rigs yet. Hence the reason we made a contest =)
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  18. I like the new look, but I feel the old one made it much easier to compare and see the perks of each supporter rank. The pictures are a nice touch, looks very good ;)
  19. A well needed update to the page! Next should be some server updates right ;)
  20. I like it, I also like the new hyperlinks to the wiki something I ment to suggest