[FEEDBACK] New Supporter Page is LIVE!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Entering mine today :)
  2. Liking the new ability to buy for more than one month and get a discount for it too. Looks good to me! :)
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  3. Nice. I'll have to look into buying a supporter from the new page :p

    Edit- Need to find colors to finish my drawings XD
  4. I like everything about the layout except for the last bit about the non-supporters. I've been a subscribed supporter since about 2 months after I started, so it doesn't really affect me. However, in my opinion, it comes off as way more negative than it should. Instead of saying "This is what you can't have. Oh you don't get this either as well." etc I think it should be more of a positive type listing for non-supporters. I understand you obviously want them to purchase supporter, but this would completely turn me off of it if I wasn't already. Maybe something like:

    Non-Supporter Features:

    Residences: Non-supporters automatically receive their own residence, however if you upgrade you'll get more plots to show off your work and store your items!
    Utopia Access: Non-Supporters can visit utopia, but buying gold or diamond supporter memberships gives you the ability to leave town and visit the wastelands/frontier.
    Town Chat: Inside town, non-supporters can talk as much as they want in town chat, so long as they stay in town. Purchase an upgrade and you'll be able to speak to anyone from wherever you are!
    Rupee Bonus: Non-Supporters will receive a rupee bonus of 100 each time you log in. If you upgrade to a supporter you'll automatically receive the above bonuses without having to log in!
    Full Servers: While we love to accommodate everyone, sometimes our servers get too full. Upgrade now and you'll be able to join any server any time you want!
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  5. WAY too wordy. Cut it down some and we can look at it.
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  6. I love the idea your going for, as I tried to avoid negativity but yeah this block does have some.

    But as krysyy said, needs to be less wordy
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  7. Like the ones sent out before this post? ;)
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  8. Looks really cool. Nice job Aikar. Nice double post as well ^^ :p
  9. I like it, but you don't actually include the price of the Permanent Derelict Protection voucher in its description, and I think that that's important. The same thing goes for Supporter Vouchers, though those seem more self explanatory.
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  10. I would like to get the 6 month diamond but I am constantly diamond. :p The page looks amazing it feels more laid out.
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  12. You can cancel, then when it drops go ahead and buy the x6.

    I'm not sure how XenForo handles Diamond > Diamond x6 early upgrade though, but if you do it (ie: upgrade to x6 before the x1 drops) and it drops your rank, just PM me and krysyy and well get it restored.

    The item box hasn't changed at all.. The price is listed in the Dropdown. Description wasn't meant for prices to be listed there.
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  13. This thread is a prime example as to why I enjoy and appreciate this server so much. You guys (staff) don't only present us with new ideas and changes, but you also seriously listen to any suggestions we make. So we really try to make EMC a better place together. Sorry for mini rant, but this suddenly reminded me about something from my past.

    For the record: I don't take credit for this; Georgeashington deserves all that. All I'm doing here is picking up on her idea for inspiration or to actually shorten it a little (yes, I can be short & descriptive if I want/need to ;) ).

    1 Residence: You'll get your own residence. Upgrade to be able to claim more!

    Personally I think the current version is good as it is. However, it could use an extra 'a':

    You can't claim multiple Utopia residences like you can on the other SMPs. So I'd suggest: "Only Gold and Diamond can leave Town or claim a residence".

    I like the idea to focus on the positive side instead of the negative very much. So maybe:

    Town Chat: Chat publically while in town only, upgrade to chat from everywhere you want to go to.

    Hmm: Rupee bonus: Get money for logging in. Upgrade to get your bonus automatically!

    Full servers: When a server is full you can't join, but still play on one of our other 8 SMP servers.

    I think an important thing to keep in mind is that players will likely be looking at the bottom section while the "Gold section" is also (partly?) visible. So you can rely on some of the information being shown there as well.

    Just my 2 cents of course.
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  14. Thanks! I did a shortened version above.
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  15. Looks amazing and a lot more appealing to buy supporter now! Great job! :D
  16. Too bad I can't support...
  17. :eek: Is this just the bosses/enraged or just things like spawns at a witch farm (for example)?
  18. "Custom Mobs"
  19. Custom only. Utopia is currently at a disadvantage with the Always Daylight, but I'm going to look into ways to improve the spawn rates (faster respawns, higher chance of spawn) and also find a way to make mini bosses still be able to spawn (maybe something like allow them to 'spawn' underground but then teleport them to above ground)

    I'll work on rewordings later when I get home.

    I also did a somewhat test on an alt that had diamond rank, I gave it Diamond x6 and then demoted the diamond x1 rank, and everything kept Diamond... so it should be safe to do.
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  20. Was always wondering about that. Can town be different as in not always day? or would that affect the wild as well. Just curious as it would be cool to see some of the builds at night as well as the day.