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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Now.. I'm just spouting a off as a contributer here.. Spouting off means speaking my mind.

    I think that chart could make an awesome wiki page which might be useful as an addition to the information presented on the supporters page. Some kind of background information.

    Just speaking my mind but I think there is a reason why it was removed. And obfuscating transparency isn't what I have in mind there: the current page fully focuses on "showing what you get for your money", and I think it's a fair and good approach.

    But considering that the wiki is used all over the place already I think this could make an awesome addition.

    Best of both worlds so to say: the supporters page keeps the more direct approach so players can focus on what they want, but a 'background wiki page' gives them more detailed information about it. Just like is already the case with Utopia and all.

    Obviously I have no idea what the staff thinks of this, but I like your idea enough to try and put it to work (not this evening, I'm not having a good day atm). So basically: I'll work out a proposal somewhere tomorrow and then we'll see what the staff thinks.

    But I definitely like the idea; it adds more transparency to the whole thing which in my opinion would enhance the whole thing.
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  2. I may have missed it, but I did not see Endertopia mentioned in Gold/Diamond supporter packages under "Supporter Server Utopia Access".
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  3. I think that may have been done with a reason; the performance of Endertopia in comparison with some of the player made XP farms isn't exactly that optimal right now. In fact; I've been a supporter for a few times now (I'm still a gold supporter atm) and the last time I've used Endertopia.... I don't even quite remember ;)
  4. Hey Everyone! Was just wondering if anyone else has this minor issue with the new "Supporter" page? I've just recently purchased the "6 mth Diamond" subscription and now, when I click on the "Supporter" tab to view that page, I get an error message (see below) and the page doesn't load up for me. :eek:

    Empire Minecraft - Error

    EMC does not currently support name changing. It should be safe to change your name if you wish, but it will not take effect on EMC until we have time to update our code. If you change your name, please vote with your OLD name.

    A server error occurred. Please try again later.
  5. Doh glad I checked this again, best to PM me with stuff like this to be sure I see it.
    Try now, should be fixed.
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  6. Is there any policy in place for users that were to subscribe to, say, a 6 month Iron plan, but partway into it decide they want to upgrade to Diamond for a month? Would staff be able to put their 6 month Iron subscription "on hold" partway through for a one month upgrade?

    I realize this would probably be a manual process, and I don't know how often it may happen, but being tied to a lower rank for 6 months without the possibility to temporarily upgrade may turn some people off of the longer subscriptions. ("Too bad, uncertain supporters don't need the longer term discount and can do monthly" is an acceptable answer, I suppose. :))
  7. Thanks for looking into this Aikar! I am now able to view the "Supporter" page and will remember to send 'ya a PM if I ever have a similar issue like this again. :)
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