[Contest] Graphic Creations for the Website!

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  1. Make a Graphic for a Supporter Voucher!
    This contest doesn't have a donation box, but there are supporter vouchers up for grabs.

    The supporter page is getting an upgrade. The new layout has space for some pictures and we figured that the best source of art on the Empire was the community. We definitely want something custom made for the Empire by the Empire community =).

    Krysyy has made some rough graphics that will serve as placeholders when Aikar enacts the changes until this contest is over, so you can use those as reference of what we are looking for.

    Each supporter section will look something like this:

    -Keep it horizontally oriented.
    -Transparent background. If drawn, make sure to convert to computer image with transparent background. It should look finished with clean lines and solid coloring. Please no rough sketches.
    -3 separate entries, one for each supporter rank. Try to scale the 'loot' up in the image with higher supportership levels.
    -Deadline: August 31st at 11:59 pm EMC time

    1st: Images used on the website and player gets a diamond supporter voucher!
    2nd: Gold supporter voucher
    3rd: Iron supporter voucher

    Entry Form:
  2. First ^-^

    Edit: I have a question, are renders allowed? (For example, my profile picture is a render)
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  3. Second

    Stupid upload images to imgur button..
  4. Very awesome, I may try and attempt this :D
  5. Sounds like an amazing update for the supporter page! ^-^

    Good luck to those entering! :D
  6. Although I am not at all good at drawing, animating, rendering, etc, I wish the best of luck to those entering. :)
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  7. >:) drawing fun >:) this i may actually try
  8. Reserved

    Can't wait to attempt.

    Doesn't fit the requirements, just thought I'd share.
  9. Exciting :D May have to give this a go :3
  10. Note - For Gold I am intending the image to be right aligned! So factor that into design if you want it to "Face" a direction (like diamond facing right, gold face left, iron face right).

    Also please keep width and height around the the box shown. doesn't have to be perfect size, but needs to be rectangular.
  11. Yes, that's what i would call a computer drawing =P
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  12. Xerger huerg erug uhr uhreug uherg uhreu hrguuhr euhg huerg erug uhr
    (Good luck to those submitting images).
  13. I'm gonna do dis.
    Deadline is?
    And how would I make it fit in if I have drawn it?
  14. -Deadline: August 31st at 11:59 pm EMC time
  15. Awesome!! I will try and attempt this.:)
  16. So to be clear: You're asking for entries to include images for Diamond, Gold, and Iron supporter levels, not just one?
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  17. Ya know what, I actually might join this one ^-^
  18. What i am curious about is what "Xerger huerg erug uhr reug uhreug uherg uhreu hrguuhr euhg uheruguhr erger" means...... Probably just some evil scheme Aikar is working on as usual. ;)
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  19. Time to get open up my Photoshop. Sounds like a fun contest! And yes, I too enjoyed reading "Xerger" and "erg" and things like that. :p
  20. OMG!! I love drawing! I'll be sure to make one!

    Edit: Already started :p