[EVENT] Secret Santa 2022

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  1. thats fine i dont know my alphabet anyways!
  2. Just FYI, your chest is still there, though. It's just at the end. I checked to make sure you have one when I went to drop off my gift to the person I got.
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  3. It is Wednesday! We have had lots of players stuff their chests! Remember that we are shooting for the evening of the 18th as a deadline for setting up your gifts. If you need help finishing anything, do not hesitate to contact Senior Staff (including myself) to help out.
  4. I found a chickenelf last night... :D
  5. And. The deadlines have passed. I am pleased to announce that gifts are released to their recipients at the same location as drop-off. /v secret-santa on /smp6.

    You can find out where your gift is by checking this spreadsheet - LINK.
    Note that it is sorted by row and then alphabetically. Let me know if you notice a mistake.

    Also, I noticed many people used shulker chests in their gifts. I have setup an area for you to open them. Bear in mind that others will be able to open them as well, so only do this for a short time. This may especially be needed to empty your box to take out any books so you can /vault the box.

    I am so glad that we were able to run this event this year. The event had a couple of hiccups but I think it was overall a success and went really well. Feel free to share what you received if you want. Remember that I encouraged gifts to not necessarily be expensive, so do not be upset if another person receives something expensive. Their gifter chose to be extra generous!
  6. Thank you to my Secret Santa. I've already opened my gift and placed in on display. /v AncientTower-3 or just /v 4449 on /smp2

    Edit: It'll be moved to my Christmas Display room once I make the appropriate space to display it.
  7. Wow! I noticed that my Secret Santa went WAY overboard! I got a lime shulker box with every slot full of riches, much of it far more useful than its rupee value alone would suggest! Some of it was deeply thoughtful, too! Thank you very much!
  8. So many thanks to my secret Santa. I feel very spoiled, wow <3 Thank you Sharpie42 for the really lovely gifts!
  9. Thank you to my Secret Santa! They gave me five shulker boxes of wood and one shulker box full of emeralds.
  10. A shout out to Rhycicles! What a thoughtful gift and so specifically personalized! I was very impressed and grateful. Thank you for being so thoughtful! (Horse themed)
  11. Much love to my secret santa, got some amazing goodies! Glad to know everyone enjoyed their SS Gifts! :)
  12. Here's an appreciation post to my secret santa for giving me such an awesome gift! It was totally not what I expected, no, it was so much more amazing even! I especially love the pets with their custom names and the written book is also a superduper nice memory for later :) And the christmas themed blocks (red and green) gave it all such a beautiful finishing touch. I'm truly moved and amazed by all of it so thanks a looot MoreMoople!
    Happy Holidays to you and everyone else of course!
  13. special thank you to my Santa. shulkers full of everything that I like
  14. Thank you very much Dreacon for the gift and especially the Warmest Wishes book. I hope you and others have a great holiday season.
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  15. Happy to hear that you enjoyed the book and the gifts. This is actually my first Secret Santa ever. In or out of the game. Wasn't sure how well I would do with it.
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  16. Aii, many thanks to my secret santa, who delivered me a brand new Dragon Egg, along with a fresh new story, now added to the Archives on the 5th floor! LOVED IT! :)
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  17. Thank you so much for my secret santa gifts SkeleTin007 :) especially the cake :D
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  18. Trwe gave me a 2true4u head and now my life is complete
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  19. Thank you to my Secret Santa, Luckygreenbird for the gifts! :D Much appreciated!
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  20. Oh my goodness Card.. you stuffed that box full. Thank you so very much for your gifts they are gratefully excepted and appreciated. =D <3