[EVENT] Secret Santa 2022

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by chickeneer, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. I am in. :cool::) This is pretty cool.
  2. Thank god I'll be home for quismoiss this year. Sign me up :).

  3. I am In!
    I do have a suggestion, though. It might be nice to have a forum thread for those participating to just give a little blurb about yourself. Since the gifts should be personal and I don't know many of the new people, this would give everyone something to work off of rather than asking around which might give away who they have as secret Santa. For example, I am sure no one can guess that I like dragons, sipping pina coladas and walks on the beach (just kidding on the last two).
  4. I'll sign on to that list. =D hehe!! this is gonna be FUN!! =D
  5. Just FYI, chickeneer, you have StgbtL's name listed twice - the first time with a question mark.
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  6. At first, i said i may or may not be in, then (i think a day later) i said Im in, i think he lost track of my previous message.
    Unless there's 2 of me again
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  7. Yeah, I haven't actually went through the names. Am just transcribing them and will look at them when it is more complete.
  8. I am in
  9. How fun is this?? I'm in it! :p
  10. What a great new idea! I'm in too!!!
  11. I would like to participate please :)
  12. Count me in. Although, I've been ridiculously naughty this year :(, so I appeal to the generosity of Flat Earth Santa instead. :D