[EVENT] Secret Santa 2022

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by chickeneer, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. Count me in please :)
  2. This sounds like fun, count me in.
  3. "There are three stages of man; he who believes in Santa Claus; He who does not believe in Santa Claus; He who is Santa Claus." The greatest thing is not to believe in Santa Claus; it is to be Santa Claus. I mean "I am in!!"
  4. Count me in please.
  5. I would like to join the exchange
  6. Def in on this!!
  7. Fun - yes I'm in. :D
  8. Just reply something like, "I am in!". if it was not clear im in
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  9. Woowoo! I already feel the Christmas wholesomeness coming this year! I'm absolutely doing this so count me in!
  10. hope whoever I get likes puns! :D