[EVENT] Secret Santa 2022

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  1. Could i get in on this! Thank ya!! :D
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  2. So goofy question but will staff question the gifts at all? (Im not sending anything bad, so no worries :p)
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  3. For you, now that you've said this? Most likely.
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  4. Eh, maybe. My note about screening the gifts is mainly meant to communicate that we will make sure that someone doesn't get a hate gift from their gifter. Would really be a blow to someone's morale and overall happiness. Not that we want to inject ourselves into any of the gifts.

    In general, the answer is no. No literal questioning.
  5. Sounds fun, count me in.
  6. I'd love to join! :)

    EDIT: Y'all spelled my name wrong! LOL!
  7. Getting this all prepared to start sometime after tomorrow night! I am super excited for how well participated this is going to be.

    So, final call to get in on this by December 4th 11:59pm EMC time. A measly 36 hours from now.
  8. count me in ig
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  9. OOOoo count me inn >:)
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  10. I'm IN!
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  11. IM IN!
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  12. I am excited to announce that we are officially in Phase 2 of the Secret Santa Event! That means that entries are closed and participants now have 2 weeks, until December 18th 11:59pm EMC time to create their gifts for your assigned gift recipient. The gift recipient was sorted and assigned randomly.

    On /smp6 visit the Secret Santa residence at /v secret-santa. This is the former PVP residence, now repurposed for this year's Secret Santa. On this residence, you will find chests sorted alphabetically (except bitemenow) from the bottom. Inside your chest is a Book & Quill with the name of who you are preparing a gift for. Remember this is a surprise!
    Remember, if you have an issue getting in-game. Shoot me/staff a message and we can help facilitate your gift.

    A big thanks to the build team, especially JNightwind, for putting together a special build to house this event. It is great, especially under short notice.

  13. Great job on the build! love it
    Let the evil gift scheming begin
  14. Oh Frankincense.
    I thought I was on the list already. And now an hour late. It's all good. I will do it my way 😉

    Build looks great!! GJ building and thanks to Jnightwind.
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  15. What am I supposed to do with the book and quill in my chest? I prepared most of the recipient's gift in advance, and now I have the last of the materials I needed for it.
  16. You can /trash or reuse it. It doesn't matter
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  17. Should we drop off gifts back to our Access chest where we picked up the book and quill?
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  18. Yes