[EVENT] Secret Garden Build Contest

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  1. Deadline: May 31st at 11:59 pm EMC time Extended to June 15th at 11:59 pm EMC time.
    Theme: Secret Garden
    Size Restrictions: Use an EMC standard plot size to construct your build. This means 60 x 60 blocks with no height restrictions. You have 2 methods of submitting a build. You may use a plot you own on EMC or you may create it in single player and upload a link to the file. Whichever way you choose is fine, just indicate which method in the submission form.
    Version restrictions: Not restricted to one version, but NO COMMAND BLOCKS. Indicate version it should be viewed in on the submission form.
    Texture Packs: If it is NOT in the default texture pack, please include the link to the correct texture pack on the submission form.

    Donations: CLICK ME TO DONATE!

    Current Donations:
    200,000r - Anonymous

    Grand Prize = Builder's Wand: Secret Garden
    1st Place: Grand Prize + 1/2 donations
    2nd Place: 1/3 donations
    3rd Place: 1/6 donations
  2. First!
    This actually sounds quite interesting, I might just enter this.
  3. I've never wanted a custom item so bad before....
  4. wow I really wish I could minecraft better :(

    will be fun to see what ppl come up with though!
  5. Game on...
    (I'm trying to sound like I want to win because I know I won't).
  6. I apologize for my obvious ignorance but since i am not a native speaker: Could you elaborate what 'secret garden' means ? In particular the difference between a garden theme and a secret garden one? I would love to participate but i am not sure i do understand the difference here
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  7. This sounds really neat.. I might partake in this event :) good luck to everyone that enters!!!
  8. I love the theme! For clarification, you said you didn't want command blocks in it. Are you allowed to use commands at all, though? To make a custom mob, for example?
  9. I believe there was a book about a secret garden, it was a walled garden with a locked door. So maybe some kind of piston operation needed to enter the garden with no visible button or pressure plate to enter. I believe that is what the competition is looking for and also the creation of the garden behind the wall.

    I will send some donations your way Krysyy, Rupees and shiny tools
  10. @Silken_thread Thank you for that clarification - that sounds like a lot of fun actually
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  11. I didn't realise it meant that :( I am not participating now as I don't want to start it all over again.
  12. When is it all due?
  13. From the OP:
    Deadline: May 31st at 11:59 pm EMC time
  14. This will be difficult, but I embrace the challenge. Secret gardens for life! :D

    EDIT: For anyone who wants it, here's a singleplayer res template you can try. Hopefully it still works, as it's pretty old. :p
  15. Goodness gracious...

    All these building competitions for complex architecture and here I thought a hobbit hole was an excellent place to live in...
  16. It is only my thoughts on it, I am sure krysyyjane will add more info when she gets a chance if needed.
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  17. Ok I'm Fine with all this but may i ask... (I know I'll Sound like A Noob) How Do I Upload A File Thingy From The World :confused:
    My Res Is Full So.... HOWWWW?????!!?!?!?!?!?!
  18. Don't worry, I don't know also. =P
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