[Event] Pineapple Day Celebration | June 27, 2016

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  1. It has come to my attention that today is in fact National Pineapple Day. Who shared this joyous news you ask? Why none other than our very own ElfinPineapple, of course.

    So why the big post?
    Well, ElfinPineapple and I have joined together and decided to hold a Pineapple Day Celebration to celebrate the yummy fruit that we all love so much (or you can at least pretend to enjoy so that you don't hurt ElfinPineapple's feelings). I personally enjoy Pineapples on my pizza, fresh off the grill on a kabob with other goodies, or simply to eat fresh on a hot summer day. Feel free to share your favorite way to enjoy pineapples in this thread.

    Come join us to celebrate Pineapple Day!
    Where: smp3 /v pineapple
    When: 8 pm EMC time
  2. Awesome, excited to see what you have in store for the celebration

    There better be a chicken day celebration too, whenever it comes around! :mad:

    Edit: National respect for chickens day was May 4th, the same as star wars day. We will only ever be in the shadows of those blasted space juggernauts
  3. I actually really like pineapple! Preferably not warm, though.
  4. Mmm, grilled pineapple!
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  5. Nice! But I probably won't be online at 8pm EMC time- what is the time in England? About 12? I might be up though because my dad's looking after me!!
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  6. Sounds fruity to me :D

    I guess you will be all juiced up about the event
  7. I prefer to live in pineapples under the sea...oh wait that's not me. But happy Spongebob's house day! :p
  8. I like my pineapple served on a pizza or eaten raw! #VegetarianLuxuries

    FACT: I eat pineapples everyday!
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  9. Pineapple juice...
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  10. Upside-Down Pineapple Cake :p:D
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  11. Personally the only kind of pineapple I like is ElfinPineapple, not a fan of the fruit.

    Will be there (hopefully).
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  12. #17 pizza at my local pizzahouse.

    Also known as "Hawaii Pizza"
  13. There's a town in Southwestern Puerto Rico known for it's pineapples known as Lajas. Every few years an exceptional crop will come in, and let me tell you they are something else. They don't have that sour, slightly astringent taste that makes your mouth hurt. They are just incredibly sweet and juicy. I once ate two in one sitting.
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  14. I like cottage cheese and pineapple on my jacket potatoes, very yummy :p

    1AM for us Brits!
  15. I'll be handing out pineapple smoothies and "maybe" giving away a couple heads.

    Look forward to seeing you all there!

    EDIT: Small Disclaimer - the smoothies and heads are either dropped or created by me, so no promo lore will be on them. The former is a tradition I used to do randomly but stopped doing for some unknown reason. The latter is because I feel like it. :)
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  16. Awesome! I wonder what we will do for today... hmmm ;)
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  17. How long will the event last? I'll try to be there :D
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