Empire Tokens Released! [Dragon Tombs 2/4]

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  1. Hello everyone!
    Exciting news. We have finished part 2 of 4 of the Dragon Tombs update! We mentioned in the 'Vision' post that Challenge Tokens will be a new form of currency that can not be bought or traded. This currency represents players completing challenging tasks.

    Today we are proud to announce the Tokens system has been finished and now active.

    Players killing custom monsters in the wild will receive tokens for their victories.

    The personal player difficulty setting was released before this as it has a part in how tokens are awarded... Token rewards will scale according to your difficulty level!

    For example, if you are on difficulty 5, Momentus has a base reward of 2000 tokens. But defeating him on higher levels could reward 3000+ tokens!

    Grouping also has its bonus, giving 10% more if you kill a monster in a group!
    For some basic information, visit the wiki page on Tokens
    Expected Questions / Answers
    Q: How do I get them?
    A: Simply fight Enraged and MiniBosses in the Frontier and Wastelands! Defeating them will reward Tokens
    Q: What if multiple people fight the same monster?
    A: The Tokens are distributed based on the percentage of damage done to a monster. For example, if one player does 25%, another does 75%, and 100 tokens were to drop, player A would get 25 tokens, and player B would get 75 Tokens.
    Q: What about monsters damaged by players who are no longer online?
    A: That player will still receive their tokens for the damage they did.
    Q: Will I get tokens from Spawner based monsters?
    A: No. Tokens follows same rules as other custom mob drops, requiring majority player damage.
    Q: Do Normal Monsters give Tokens?
    A: No, As these monsters are pretty easy and not considered "Challenging"
    Q: Fire!
    A: Maxarias has infected the code, and since Fire damage is not directly caused by a player, it will reduce the percentage of "player damage". Using Fire Aspect will reduce total number of tokens. However we will be looking into figuring out how to make Fire damage count as player damage if it was received by Fire Aspect. It is recommended to not use Fire Aspect on Momentus at this time for maximum Token rewards.
    Q: What can I do with them?
    A: Right now, nothing. However they will be the primary thing used for Land Claiming, Dragon Eggs, Sponge and more! We are looking to get consuming them for Sponge out here shortly as a mini update.
    Q: Can I use them in place of Rupees?
    A: No. It will have very specific uses.
    Q: Can I give them to a friend?
    A: No. Everyone must earn their own Challenge Tokens. They can not be traded or gifted.
    Q: What if I do not want to fight the Custom Mobs
    A: We are sorry, but you will be opting out of many Empire Minecraft features if you choose to not fight these monsters. However! We are now able to have Tokens as a reward for official Staff Events now! So winning a "Fair" Mob Arena could result in Token Gain too. The Tokens system is meant to be a general framework, and we will now be able to add Token Rewards to anything "Challenging" done on the Empire.
    Q: Leaderboards?
    A: Yes, we are planning Leaderboards for Token Gain, but they are not ready yet. We wanted to focus on the important aspects to get us to finishing the Full Dragon Tombs update quicker.
    Q: How do I check my Token Balance?
    A: Through the new command /cur (short for /currency) or /tok or /r. They are all the same command now. Many aliases such as /balance (/bal) or /money all work.
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  2. We're almost there... I can't even believe it lol
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  3. Woot this gonna be good
  4. Yay, thanks for the update! =)
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  5. mmmm this will be fun : )
  6. Whoo. I am at 0 so far!

    oh and...
    *Cough* Enraged Totem Pole pl0x *Cough*
  7. please put the help info in /help rupees or something.. and add commas in the rupee balance :)

    nonetheless the update is great
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  8. Thanks aikar! :D
  9. so will they be items?
  10. Commas in numbers are just silly. Grammar shouldn't apply to the utopia of all things.
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  11. Wow great to see even more updates to empire minecraft this is what this great server needs
  12. ar you sur abut dat jkjkjk289????//? grammer is collio :D :D

    Lol, jk. (No pun intended)
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  13. It's amazing to see EMC become even better over the years. This is a great example of one of the many improvements, and hopefully there will be more to come!
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  14. I like it a lot but I don't like what happened to /r...

    It should show this and only take up two lines, not six:

    Rupee balance: [insert your rupee balance here] (Learn more at rupees.emc.gs)
    Token balance: [insert your rupee balance here] (Learn more at tokens.emc.gs)
  15. Tokens are like rupees, not a kind of transferable or physical item.
  16. What you mean? /help rupees was updated, /help tokens was added, and i'll add the commas in tonights auto restart
  17. That will still over flow into next line and then be messier to read.
  18. Bwahahaha! My incessant killing of monsters will soon pay off!