Empire Minecraft updates to 1.5.1!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Well then.......
    As if lava wasn't scary enough already.....
  2. I'm sure I'm not the first, and I entirely copied it off a youtube video, but I now have an automated furnace system :D

    Looking a bit ugly at the moment, but it works!

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  3. Just a reminder to everyone. Chest Minecarts are not protected on your residence, so only use them in a contained room.
  4. Ooh, I didn't know that :S How about hoppers/hopper minecarts? Thanks :)
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  5. Yeah, I guess I'll have to dig through 4000 blocks in the nether to get there. It'd be easier to sail past 40k in the overworld but boats are broken, so I can't. :(
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  6. Haha no problems! Just proves that the Nether is not an area for me:p
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  7. Hoppers are protected, But not hopper Minecarts
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  8. Ah, ok, thanks again! :)
  9. I panicked when I hit don't update and it started up, showing an X on the EMC servers-- I thought it had pushed the update throughhhh!!
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  10. oh yeah 1.5.1 time to get my item organizer online :) (like i know how to do that lol)
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  11. well no more downgrading and upgrading :)
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  12. Beat you to it. I already had most of mine set up. Check it out on smp3 at 7028.
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  13. I'm a bit behind on the new stuff, can anyone link me too a page where it explains all the new features/items? Thx
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  15. Uhh, I had a stack of iron blocks disappear from a chest....where do I bug report that and can I get them back?

    Buttons and signs at my cobblegen vanishing constantly I could deal with...this, no, sorry, that I won't just let go.

    Other than that, loving 1.5. Now, should I bother with an auto item sorter, or not....hmm...
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  16. I suggest PM'ing Bigdavie, he's usually good with this sort of thing. Keep in mind that unfortunately it's very hard to tell whether or not you really did lose it. :)
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  17. I had at least three stacks in a corner in a chest, and all of a sudden, the one in the actual corner wasn't there. I'm bizarrely odd about making the stuff in the chest look nice - I wouldn't put two diagonal from each other in a corner without a third in the corner itself. ;)
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  18. I noticed a lot of the frames in my shop had no items in them today. I decided to take them down and when I did, discovered that the items were still there in the frames but not visible.

    I tried putting one back up, but the item remains invisible.
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  19. I love you, Justin.
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  20. I've found a great video demonstrating all of the new features! :)