Empire Minecraft updates to 1.5.1!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Yah!!!
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  2. Cool :) Time to go mess around and waste time! At least there's no fireworks to waste 6 hours and stay up till 4 a.m.
    Ah, Smp7 <3
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  3. Has anyone tried sailing very far since the update? As soon as I get up to speed after like 10 blocks, I seem to stop dead and stutter there for awhile. If I reconnect I find I'm actually 50 blocks away, as if sailing lagged me out and the server stopped telling me where I was.
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  4. Huzzah! Just one question: how was the permissions thing on TNT carts / TNT-launching dispensers settled? That is, are non-Diamond members prohibited from putting the TNT in the cart / dispenser, from activating it, neither one...?
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  5. Unfortunately Boats are currently Broken- This hopefully will be fixed in the next couple of days. Aikar is currently busy with something today; so a fix for it is temporarily postponed
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  6. Arggg. Me pirate ship is grounded. Arggg. (Get it. Argg. Pirate?)
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  7. Soooo glad I'm done with boating for my Smp 8 trip, that took an incredibly insane amount of boating.
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  8. Most excellent! New hardware and software -> Christmas and birthday :)
    Thank you guys
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  9. Yay!Thanks to all who helped!
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  10. Oh joy, more stuff I have no idea how to use.
  11. I just wish I could get some quartz.
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  12. Yay 1.5.1 now i have a useless auto chicken egg maker
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    *bum bum ti bum, bum bum de bum! Bum bum de bum bum bum didi bummmmm!*
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  14. Did Mojang majorly change lava spread speed in the nether?...
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  15. Yeah, a group of us went out to get Quartz Ore last night/early this morning and there was a lot of panicking and running from lava. We wondered the same thing.

    Travel out to unexplored (Black) map.
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  16. thanks for updating the server justinguy been waiting so long for you to update love the server by the way.:) :)
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  17. It's so much more fun now.
    It can now be deadly to mine things, I like that. When my little brother was mining quartz, there came lava out of the gap. He freaked out, but I thought it was pretty fun:)
    You can also still just run away, it's not going so fast, it's just a adjustment cause the lava flowed pretty slow before this update.
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  18. I was unaware of this change, and lost 17 stacks of quartz ore -_- Not my idea of fun lol
  19. Oh, I'm sorry for that...:(
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  20. Yeah, I managed to get a total of 4 stacks or so, died due to running in a fire while running from lava. Dwight managed to grab part of it lol.
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