Empire Minecraft updates to 1.5.1!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. This happens with fancy graphics. This only happens with items in frames, not blocks in frames.
  2. the 1.5.1 update...
    that should be a big clue and I'm sorry if I am sounding rude its like 6 am here.
  3. i LOVE redstone! :D
  4. that's nice. I love this update, just not one of the best. I hope there's a "mob update"
  5. Absolutely!!!!.......... but can you kill a few ghasts for me? They're too creepy....... 0.0
  6. Pretty nice tutorial.
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  7. What happens if you are in the wild/nether and it resets? does it kick you out of said world?
  8. (At the end) IS..?
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  9. What do you mean?
  10. Read the way that the tutorial is made it looks like 'IS'
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  11. Can i request a seed for my server? Smp4 second seed = 'My Universe'
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  12. No, it's "1.5" :p
  13. No it doesn't.
    It is a handy way to get very far into the wild without a trail behind you on the live map.
  14. Cant wait for the wastelands!!!
    Also, I'm copying aikar
  15. lol, of course
    you have fooled all of EMC....
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  16. ikr. many people thought I was aikar when I posted something on the forums
  17. Hah, you'll never fool the original impersonator…
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  18. Until they actually clicked on it, not a very good disguise really.
  19. It is. My skin on minecraft is aikar
  20. Woah, really?!:eek: /sarcasm