Empire Minecraft updates to 1.5.1!

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  1. redstone-update-1_5.jpg

    Thanks to the hard work of Aikar and the staff that helped with testing we have just upgraded to Minecraft 1.5.1. This means you are free to upgrade your Minecraft and bask in the glory of the "Redstone Update".

    I appreciate everyone's patience as we worked on this update. As a celebration we are giving 1,501 rupees away to everyone. You have one week from today to claim the rupees by clicking here.

    The new world, Wastelands, is not released yet as we are still working on that. If you missed the previous information on this it is a normal world that resets periodically (with a different seed). Additionally it will be a few more days until we update chest shops to support the new items (this includes the official store).

    As usual please report any bugs or issues immediately to any staff member.
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  2. Good job! :D
    I can finally get back on and play EMC, with all the quartz and stuff.
    I am very impatient with these kinds of things, so thank you for hurrying.
  3. Sweet :) Could we get some info on hoppers/shops/locked chests, protection with minecarts and tnt minecarts?
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  4. 3rd XDDDDD

    and SWEET

    EDIT: 4th :(

  5. second
    darn. 5th
  6. <3 I LOVE YOU
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  7. 1501 rupees, why not just 1500?
  8. Woooooooot! 9th!
  9. Hooray for update!
  10. Because its 1.5.1 :)
    YAY quartz.
  11. Woot! Us here at smp6 are bursting with excitement! :D
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  12. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  13. 1.5.01?!? XD

    Ok, replying to this thread is going to give me infinite alerts, now, isnt it

    What have I just unleashed?!? :eek:
  14. And that we are!
  15. you can click "unwatch thread"
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  16. Sorry all, having a problem with a couple servers, Aikar and team is on it and fixing ASAP.
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  17. The reason I joined EMC has finally been revealed!
    2013-03-23_15.00.48.png 2013-03-23_15.00.26.png
  18. Thanks Justin :)